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  1. try dropping plug gap to say about .45mm and see what you get.
  2. whats the spark plug gap set to?
  3. Are you using the correct software? There is now G4, G4+, And most recent G4X.
  4. start with inputting 711cc at 3 bar. There is a setting for the pressure at which the flow value was derived. I always find that the actual flow value will need a small amount of massaging one way or the other to achieve optimal results.
  5. have you tried changing polarity of the aux channel that is set to fuel pump? Also, at some point in the past has your car had the fuel pump controller bypassed?
  6. Iat sensor is just signal and sensor ground. with the link ecu the obd2 port will only work if you hook CAN high and low up to the appropriate pins. But not like a standard obd2 port. It will not give you codes or readiness functions. just data from the ecu such as temperatures/rpm/speed/etc.
  7. Last one I did we werent as lucky to have the teeth there on the sprocket. We added 24 1/4-20 bolts and machined them square to be teeth. We then added a sensor to the cam cover to pick up the cam lobe as a sync signal.
  8. Brad Burnett

    G4x xtreme

    It doesnt bother me. I just like to be informed so im not over selling the product. Also i was under the impression that with G4x everything was the same, just updated processor due to the previous micro ending life.
  9. Brad Burnett

    G4x xtreme

    one thing not being said here, and misleading on the Link website, is that the new G4x extreme is loosing the peak and hold injector function. So the injector drives are back to being saturated drivers for high impedance injectors.
  10. I have run single cylinder engines with the G4+ line of ecus.
  11. Yes B loom has CAN 2 high and low. you can make connection there and set CAN 2 to I believe the Mini Cooper Generic Bus and should be able to get the standard data for the gauge cluster working.
  12. Is this for wheel speed or crank position? picture shows crankshaft speed and use of 12v, obviously. I only ask as i find myself re-purposing sensors for non intended tasks a lot. From experience GM reference sensors work on 12v, Cherry sensors are 12v, Hyundai sensors are 12v, but many will work with regulated 8v. Basically need to reference the documentation for the specific sensor which you have posted here.
  13. The closed loop system is fantastic. WG DC table(rpm x target boost). target boost table(rpm x gear) or (rpm x tps) Then you can even have gear/iat/ect adjustment tables for both target and WG DC tables. Theres really a variety of ways you can set it up to suit your needs.
  14. can do one table, gear on one axis and rpm on the other
  15. All 2jz from the factory had an ignitor.
  16. Have you thought about making the boost target table gear based?
  17. Brad Burnett

    IAT Correction

    Set AN Temp 1 to Inlet air temp instead of MAF air temp
  18. if fuel equation is set to traditional, adjust the master trim in the fuel tab... if it is set to modeled, adjust the fuel scale value. This will globally adjust the fueling with out having to mess with the fuel table.
  19. Did you bypass the stock ignitor?
  20. Brad Burnett

    charge temperature

    The value for charge temp comes from the "charge temp approximation" table in the fuel tab. values as for color change can be edited in the parameters tree by double clicking on the parameter you wish to adjust the properties for.
  21. I honestly noticed this recently with my gear display on my dash, I chocked it up to me playing with rear gear ratio at first but after a re-calibration of the wheel speeds its still kind of spotty and inconsistent. Maybe @Simon or @Adamw might have some insight on this. As for + to X platform upgrade, the physical pinouts of the units are not changing. Its just a new processor in the box with new software, firmware, and functionality. The physical I/O is not changing.
  22. Help file in the software will have most of the subaru pinouts. And there is a base map with AVCS configured in the software as well.
  23. Brad Burnett

    Accel enrichment

    doesnt even need to be alpha n. The same principle will apply to get more fuel in for a given load and rpm. Shape of the fuel table will still match as pictured here for tip in area.
  24. Really depends on what you have configured for your driven wheel speed source. Have a look at your speed sources in the chassis and body tab at the bottom of the settings tree.
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