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  1. I would copy the DBW settings out of the TTlink base calibration to start.  You could then use the auto calibrate function in the ecu for APS and TPS set up and go from there.

    As far as the Antilag set up, there is a pretty good set up procedure in the help file.

  2. 34 minutes ago, Simon said:

    @Brad Burnett Cam level is only suitable for a multi tooth missing set up.

    Has the CAM signal been modified to a single tooth?

    Have you done a trigger calibration to confirm the timing with a timing light? 


    I didnt know this, but from his trigger scope the cam trigger is still a level disc.

  3. 4 hours ago, Ken Dunkley said:

    Just to confirm - Via can -i want to use the AN channels for other sensors ?

    No AN channels are consumed using the unit as lambda over CAN

  4. Yes it is able to work with the link G4+ line.  There is a specific set up details in the help file in the software.

    I have used several x series units, inline and gauge, and they do quite well.  I would take them over an innovate unit any day.

  5. The link documentation in the help file doesnt include everything that they are untilizing.  It is just a basic run down of the I/O and maybe a couple power and grounds.  

    If you are needing further documentation, you may need to ask @Adamw or @Simon nicely and they maybe able to assist you with one of their internal documents.

  6. From looking at the log, the fueling seems to follow the map signal.  I would try switching the fuel load from MGP to TP main and setting up a 4d table to account for boost.  

    I have had trouble with 3 cylinder motors in the past with very bumpy map signal due to the pulses in the motor.  I even went as far as adding a decently sized vacuum chamber that the map sensor feeds from to dampen the pulses before ultimately switching to TP as load for fuel.

  7. 14 hours ago, Richard Hill said:

    Disconnect the alternator completely  electrically and then Run the engine with logging turned on.  Also, try disconnecting any other potential sources of noise such as ISCV etc.  

    Also, try connecting the wideband output and sensor ground to a multimeter (with it disconnected from the jetski) and see if the output still fluctuates. 



    this is one thing i noticed from the LC2 manual i briefly looked at yesterday, the power ground and sensor ground are the same wire on the module.  There is no dedicated sensor ground for the analogue output.  Im pretty sure this may be part of the problem if there is not a mechanical issue.


  8. 13 hours ago, Mario Schneiderbanger said:

    speaking of.

    Adam, when i use closed loop idle control and raise the AC step value, nothing happens. so i’ve been using open loop control cause i can’t figure out what i’m missing 

    check in your runtime values to make sure the closed loop control is not trimming the idle position back down.

  9. I agree with Adam here.  I would ditch the LC2 and get something else for wideband measurement.  I have used Innovate products in the past on customer project as well as personal and every time was left with poor experiences at some point along the way.

    I would honestly recommend something with CAN output to eliminate any chance of a ground loop/offset, which is what i believe youre experiencing here.  Either that or just a terrible amount of noise from something such as a alternator or ignition.

  10. i ran the 340cc injectors in modelled fueling with zero ill effects.  

    ran with the short pulse width zerod out and the standard latency values from the older firmware base cal.  let me see if i can find that info.

  11. Download the most recent software version and resync per the instructions in the help file.

    I will recommend using a spare spark plug lead between the no 1 coil and plug to hook up the timing light and not the little loop at the back of the ignition harness.

  12. Not sure what the first value you are looking for is, but the short pulse width just leave zerod out.

    If the first value is latency or dead time, just use the values in the base cal.

    This is assuming you are running stock injectors.

  13. While I don't have PID settings handy, they shouldn't be too difficult to work out.

    I typically like to use the Subaru STi pedal.  The early 04-05 units can be had off ebay for usually around $40 shipped.

    You will need the external ethrottle relay for safety operations.

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