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  1. While I don't have PID settings handy, they shouldn't be too difficult to work out.

    I typically like to use the Subaru STi pedal.  The early 04-05 units can be had off ebay for usually around $40 shipped.

    You will need the external ethrottle relay for safety operations.

  2. Gonna have to change out that trigger setup.

    38 teeth doesn't divide evenly into 360 so that's a no go there.

    Also, just from looking at the trigger scope, I would maybe change to falling edge on trig 2 as it is cleaner and further away from the missing teeth gap.

  3. I have had issues with trigger sync on E36 plugin units before. But it was more some weird offset being applied when the ignition sync process is completed.

    With that being said, even after you get the ignition timing syncd up, I would strongly advise that you verify that the timing at the motor matches the timing in the computer in normal operational mode.

    "Enter" after a change to the ignition offset angle is a must. 

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