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  1. 12 hours ago, Alex B said:

    I tried doing this at first but the control was not fine enough. I had to run very retarded timing at idle to limit engine torque and this ended up pushing idle exhaust gas temperature higher than i was comfortable with. I drive the car on the street mostly and sit in traffic on hot days. Apart from the closed loop idle issue the setup has worked extremely well.

    Understood.  Im sure there may have been a way to sort that out, but I do understand there are many solutions to most problems and not all of them are wrong.

  2. 11 hours ago, Adamw said:

    I dont think so.  JMP's suggestion is a good one though, well worth a try.

    I know it probably wont make much traction to add that to the software for G4+ but I believe this is a parameter that would be nice to have in G4X.


  3. 1 hour ago, JMP said:

    Does anything change if you change the fuel system type setting from FP sensor to MAP referenced?

    @Adamw is there a way to see the actual correction % due to fuel pressure fluctuation in the runtime values?  I didnt see anything with a quick glance.

  4. Iat sensor is just signal and sensor ground.


    with the link ecu the obd2 port will only work if you hook CAN high and low up to the appropriate pins.  But not like a standard obd2 port.  It will not give you codes or readiness functions.  just data from the ecu such as temperatures/rpm/speed/etc.

  5. It doesnt bother me.  I just like to be informed so im not over selling the product.  

    xtreme specs.png

    Also i was under the impression that with G4x everything was the same, just updated processor due to the previous micro ending life.  

  6. one thing not being said here, and misleading on the Link website, is that the new G4x extreme is loosing the peak and hold injector function.  So the injector drives are back to being saturated drivers for high impedance injectors.

  7. Is this for wheel speed or crank position?

    picture shows crankshaft speed and use of 12v, obviously. 

    I only ask as i find myself re-purposing sensors for non intended tasks a lot.

    From experience GM reference sensors work on 12v, Cherry sensors are 12v, Hyundai sensors are 12v, but many will work with regulated 8v.  Basically need to reference the documentation for the specific sensor which you have posted here.

  8. The closed loop system is fantastic.   WG DC table(rpm x target boost).  target boost table(rpm x gear) or (rpm x tps)

    Then you can even have gear/iat/ect adjustment tables for both target and WG DC tables.

    Theres really a variety of ways you can set it up to suit your needs.

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