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  1. Have you done this with modelled multi fuel setups? My beams motor with itbs is already set up with tps v rpm modelled multifuel set up and will be adding a turbo soon. With that being said, does 1 4d table for mgp v rpm work for the 2 blended fuel tables?
  2. I'm assuming you want this for the mixture map usage. If so you can set a ect parameter to filter in the mixture map. But as for setting up an ect set point for the logger, use a virtual aux and then set the internal logger "IO On" condition to the set virtual aux
  3. Try increasing the master fuel value if you are in traditional fuel mode. If in modelled mode, decrease the fuel injector scale value.
  4. Its difficult to say that the parts are to blame for the tracking and idle up function. Has the car been properly tuned and has the ethrottle calibration process be done?
  5. I will normally adjust the frequency to get the sound of the motor and idle valve to sound the most well matched. Have had some idle valves that make really weird intake resonance at 200hz but almost sounds non existent and control was more precise around 3-320hz.
  6. set an aux out to iac solenoid set frequency to 500hz in the idle tab set up as open loop solenoid/stepper set the base idle position to the 40 and 30 at the appropriate temps. fill in the rest of the base table. this is also all in the help file. if you are new to the link software I would highly suggest taking a look at it. I can honestly say that the link help file is very thorough compared to other brand software.
  7. @Adamw I had a similar issue to this with my altezza plugin unit. Im pretty sure you still have copy of my map. I noticed it when at a drift event. I got about 3 45min logs out of it and there was one in the middle that should have been similar length but was just 00:00. When I pull the log I open in quick view then delete the data that I just pulled off.
  8. The map sensor signal can be input to any of the analogue 0-5v inputs.
  9. everything youre asking for here is in the help file of the software. Only the fuse sizes are not.
  10. would you post a copy of your calibration?
  11. Which auxiliary output do you have the tacho configd on?
  12. you can set both driven and non driven to the same wheel speed sensor.
  13. clamps are fine. It may be that your have speed lock out set to driven wheel speed, but driven wheel speed is not configd in speed sources.
  14. You will get better help here if you were to post a calibration file with the question. But I just recently ran into a similar predicament. Check that your max and min clamps on the idle tab are set to reasonable values. The base cal in the atom I installed this past week had the max clamp at 12ish and it wouldn't operate.
  15. I asked this same question in the other PCLink release thread.
  16. Is this just a new PCLink version or is it a new firmware update as well? If it is the firmware update, does it include the fix for closed loop ethrottle idle control? Didn't see it in the latest firmware release notes.
  17. Did a G13b in my boss' samurai. Used the Atom ecu as well. Trigger setting is set to Baleno. Its also very similar to a Subaru ver 7-9. It works too.
  18. its in the fuel injector setup tab.
  19. Is it possible that maybe some solenoid on one of the aux channels is powered by a relay that is not ign. sw powered? Maybe backfeeding.
  20. Will need to adjust the master fuel setting or the injector scale setting(if modelled eq) by a percentage to enrichen the mixture then adjust the entire fuel table in the opposite direction in order to bring the values down.
  21. You also have a shit ton of crank and post start `enrichment at lower temps.
  22. yes, it is basically an overlay table
  23. If you use the multi fuel modelled equation with dual fuel tables set to interpolate for the flex operation, you could then use the 4d table as the meth correction and have the activation set to what ever aux out you have running the meth pump. There is also a 5th dimensional table that you can activate if needed.
  24. So based on how you have described this, the hot starting is just as you like?
  25. Adam I thought about that as well. I did also ponder on the last Ecutek car I tuned. They have a blip strategy that watches the clutch and brake switch and the order that they are pressed which should be able to transfer over with some imagination. The way they do it is if the rpm is past a set point and you are on the brake and then press the clutch to down shift, it will blip a specified amount for a specified time frame. Should be able to make that work with the use of some virtual auxs.
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