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  1. If the map sensor reading is more than 10 or so Kpa off from what the internal baro is reading it will not calibrate. Try selecting different sensors in the list until you get one that is close to the baro reading then calibrate.
  2. You should be fine to use one ignition channel to drive 2 channels of an ignitor or 2 internal ignitor coils.
  3. Just curious as to why you changed to a 60-2 crank? I ask because I am running the standard crank and cam triggers with a sequential coil on plug set up with zero issues.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't recall the sr20det engines to have an ignition condenser. Paul are your referring to the igniter/igniter chip? If so then yes you will have to retain that.
  5. that coil is going to require an external ignitor.
  6. What size injectors are fitted to the engine? What is the base fuel pressure? What is the max injector duty? As far as cam settings go, you will have to start with stock settings and play with them to get to max. But realize that playing with the cams will not make magical hp. It is more for moving the power around in the power band.
  7. If you look at page 13 of the LM1 manual, it explains how to modify the linear analogue outputs to what ever you so desire. You can then select the calibration to a cal channel. Set up a cal channel to input the values you programmed your LM1 to output . I would use cal 4-6 as they are intended for linear voltage inputs.
  8. I would recommend a G4+ Xtreme to run that swap. There are no plugin boards to suit that motor. But if you are creative and capable to repin the ecu connectors, you could make the appropriate plugin ecu for your current set up work with the quad avcs engine.Â
  9. Bob, This is on you drag bike correct? I didn't think you were using the fueling portion of the ecu. If you are using the fueling portion of the ecu then of course there is a way to change the fuel quantity under boost. Brad
  10. Jesse, Have you thought about using the cruise buttons on the steering wheel(if you still have the stock wheel) for the ALS input? If you have an aftermarket steering wheel, you could use the DI that the cruise buttons went to in the ecu for your ALS toggle. Brad
  11. Missed this. Are they going to replay this at some point?
  12. You will need to adjust the e throttle target table in the idle area. 1.8 in the base idle position table is a fair amount at op temp. Should be in the sub 1 area. You will need to add to the throttle table so the idle control has to do less work. Also are you using the idle ignition control? E throttle is lazy and the ecu can adjust ignition to correct idle faster than the throttle body. Hope this helps. Brad
  13. Hi, Im looking for short pulse width adder values for stock 2007+ Sti injectors. They are the dark blue denso injectors #058062530. I have looked into the Cobb software but the values don't correlate well to the GM style that they new software uses for the new fuel modeling. Â Thanks, Brad
  14. Simply change the trigger mode in the software to Subaru 7-10.
  15. Just out of curiousity was there any particular reason to not just run a simple 36-1 setup other than wanting to be able to use the preset vk56 selection?
  16. Current edition of the Extreme(red unit) only has saturated injector drivers. There for you will need ballast resistors to run your Siemans injectors. Failure to run the ballast resistors will result in burnt injection drivers as they can not handle the current required to run low impedence injectors.
  17. Hi Gregg, If you could would you please give EngineLogics a call. They usually pick up the phone within the first couple of rings. Brad
  18. Ok so this problem has been resolved thanks to Simon. So when using the update utility you have to have the ecu on a com port less than 10. Apparently if you are using any comport above 10 it will not find the ecu. Thanks Simon Brad
  19. I have a g3 on a usdm 04 sti. trying to upgrade the firmware on the unit to eliminate the dwell issues. Everytime I try to upgrade it fails. I can connect to the unit via PcLink using com port 10 but will not upgrade. Any ideas. I am using firmware update utility version R2.1 Trying to update to firmware version 1.9.2 Thanks in advance.
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