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  1. just before the throttle plate is best. usually in an intercooler pipe.
  2. Brad Burnett

    G4+ Supra 2JZ PNP

    Ive had issues with the fuel pump control on the 2j pnp units in the past. I usually just bypass the fuel pump controller and just change the ecu to standard fuel pump relay control.
  3. I think the only variance is that it might only have one CAN channel. I have one of these and have been trying to repurpose it, but every chance i get I need 2 CAN channels.
  4. its actually ignition 1 thats on A21 and A22. One is wired for the standard distributor the other is an unused pin in standard form. quoted from Multi coil up grade in the help manual in plug in installation section "The G4+ CivicLink (95) and CivicLink (98) Plug-In ECUs have been designed to be used with the factory distributed ignition system or an after market multi-coil ignition system. Four ECU ignition outputs have been connected to the main header. Ignition 1 is on the pin used for distributed ignition whereas other channels are wired to unused header pins. Terminals for the factory connector can be purchased from your nearest Link dealer. It is the installers responsibility to make sure any after market ignition system is wired properly and correctly configured in the ECU."
  5. Brad Burnett

    Fuel level

    Its usually a variable resistance sender. Should be able to use just about anything and feed it in on a spare AN input. Will need a pull up resistor between the signal and 5v reference as most are 2 wire. Then just see what it does outside the tank and create a calibration based on that. Most older units are not going to be a linear calibration so you will want to check multiple points from empty to full. Outside of that it should be relatively easy to get it on the CAN bus and on its way to the dash.
  6. @Markus just curious what software you used to make your wiring diagram?
  7. Brad Burnett

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    that is not what im saying there. Here let me spell it out for you: 1 set motor to 20deg bTDC number one 2 mark on the side of the distributor the center of the num1 cylinder pole on the cap 3 remove dizzy cap 4 rotate dizzy so the rotor button points directly center at mark you made on side of dizzy for num1 pole 5 lock down dizzy in this position and dont touch it any further 6 sync timing through the trigger calibration in the triggers tab so the motor matches the timing the ecu is asking for. If you cant figure it out from there im sorry. As both I and simon have said, you have a cross fire issue. basically when you advance the timing the rotor is pointed more towards a different pole on the dizzy cap than the one you want because your rotor phase angle is incorrect.
  8. Brad Burnett

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    explained it the other day here
  9. Brad Burnett

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    I find it funny you didnt bother to try to rectify the incorrect distributor position before doing all the extra work and spending money on COP.
  10. Brad Burnett

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    On a distributed ignition engine, it is possible to have the timing syncd with poor rotor phase angle. When that happens and you try to advance the motor too far, it is possible to have the spark try to jump to the next cylinder instead of the correct one. I always set the engine to 20ish degrees before tdc and rotate the distributor to have the center of the rotor button pointed directly at the number one pole. Then lock down distributor and sync the rest of the timing thru the computer.
  11. Brad Burnett

    RPM CUT Link G4+

    2 questions for you: 1 Did you sync the initial timing in the ecu to match the motor? 2 Did you set the rotor phase angle on the distributor?
  12. yes sir. Just wire in a pressure transducer to a spare analogue input and configure as fuel pressure sensor. If you do this while using modelled fuel equation, and configure the equation with pressure sensor, the ecu will automatically adjust injector pulse width for fluctuations in differential fuel pressure.
  13. I would use an external power and ground to mitigate over current issues.
  14. Ditch the maf and O2 and you can free up 2 more. For O2 get a unit that will output to CAN like the link canlambda or aem x series. Turbo speed would be on a digital input not analogue. EGT i would run through can as well. The brochure is listing the possible inputs depending on model. The inputs on pnp units vary from model to model. And the VR4 unit is 6 ANs and 3 temps
  15. Im going to take a shot in the dark and ask, Is it a Innovate lambda contorller?
  16. you must also have ethrottle with no faults and a driven speed source. But yes that would be the minimum required to operate cruise.
  17. I would copy the DBW settings out of the TTlink base calibration to start. You could then use the auto calibrate function in the ecu for APS and TPS set up and go from there. As far as the Antilag set up, there is a pretty good set up procedure in the help file.
  18. I didnt know this, but from his trigger scope the cam trigger is still a level disc.
  19. change trigger 2 sync mode to "cam level"
  20. polarity on trigger 1 is reversed. switch the 2 pins at the crank sensor.
  21. Pretty sure the answer is going to be no. Will most likely have to send the ecu in for repairs. @Adamw or @Simon will need to chime in here.
  22. where are you located? hit f12 and what does you BAP show?
  23. Brad Burnett

    AEM - can

    No AN channels are consumed using the unit as lambda over CAN
  24. Brad Burnett

    AEM - can

    Yes it is able to work with the link G4+ line. There is a specific set up details in the help file in the software. I have used several x series units, inline and gauge, and they do quite well. I would take them over an innovate unit any day.
  25. The link documentation in the help file doesnt include everything that they are untilizing. It is just a basic run down of the I/O and maybe a couple power and grounds. If you are needing further documentation, you may need to ask @Adamw or @Simon nicely and they maybe able to assist you with one of their internal documents.
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