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    Load Sites

    you can remove the -ve sites, just keep in mind that the ecu will extrapolate from the down from the lowest value.
  2. I'm not 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure you will need to use ign 1-4 for the coil on plug conversion. I had a look thru the software, and was unable to only configure ign 5-8. I would set the coils up on their own loom like you said, but have it mate with the standard loom via a deutsch connector or something of the sort.
  3. I would start by looking at the Aim Pista set up data in the help file under Device specific can bus data in the tuning functions tab
  4. Will need to set one of the aux outs to tacho. Yes the ecu can supply the signal.
  5. early ej20 avcs motors had the 2 hall sensors reading off the back for vvt control and the standard vr sensor reading off the back of the cam. In that situation, you would wire the vr to trig 2 and the 2 halls to DIs
  6. 1) You can set up the vvti aux as LH or RH as long as the DI or Trig 2 in you case show the same LH or RH inlet cam. 2) They shouldn't show on on the config page, but they will show you some form of "feedback" in the run time values. Hit F12 to see the run time values. 3) Yes you will need to sync the triggers. Go to the triggers tab in the ecu settings tab, then calibrate at the bottom. The help file has great instructions for this.
  7. Heres an example of where I end up with those units
  8. Could you post a copy of your current calibration please?
  9. Just to get an idea of what you are after, I would look in the help file under "engine specific information". Click around in there and look at some of the trigger threshold levels to get an idea. I sometimes have to add a 500 rpm column to get what I'm after.
  10. I don't have a Gen4 cal. But I do have a handful of gen2 and 3 cals. If you are just looking for the trig set up I would start here
  11. Have you tried increasing the arming threshold on the Trig 1? Could possibly weed out some of the noise by bumping the low rpm values by about .2-.5.
  12. Could you post a copy of you calibration? There are a variety of things that will cause kickback on the starter. Including but not limited to cranking timing, fueling, trigger threshold levels, poor grounds, etc. As for the shield on the cable, I always run that to a sensor ground at the ecu.
  13. Brad Burnett

    WRX Maps

    Have you looked at any of the wrx/sti maps that are included with the software?
  14. Brad Burnett

    Fuel pressure

    Mapper, Yes on the GTR that we did that had the pressure drop we set up a 3d gp limiter for both fuel and oil pressure.
  15. Sam, Are you positive that it is a G4+ unit? The software wont cross. But it will typically detect the ecu and just tell you that either the ecu is too old or not the correct software.
  16. Brad Burnett

    Fuel pressure

    I would still 100% try to address the mechanical problem as best you can before just letting the ecu make the necessary compensations to be right.
  17. I wouldn't think its a silly mistake. Its weird that some of the cal tables will allow further fine adjustment than others. Also some cal tables will put the input on the x axis and some will put the output. you actually have to be on your toes to notice.
  18. your calibration for the diff temp sensor is backwards. Its just from using cal table 9. it doesn't have as much configuration available. You have temp on the axis and ohms in the output. I have revised this and put the diff temp in cal table 1. Give it a shot. nettlez rolling launch added - fan adjusted - diff oil added - fan adjusted Brad Mod.pclr
  19. Brad Burnett

    Fuel pressure

    I can attest to this. Recently calibrated a R32 GTR. Was running a nismo pump that couldn't keep up with the required supply. Had fuel pressure dropping by more than 50kpa. But with the Fuel pressure sensor wired to the ecu with the correct settings in the modelled equation, you could look at the lambda and wouldn't even notice that the fuel pressure was falling. I have even had my own car melt the fuel pump completely fail on my own personal car and the ecu was able to compensate enough just based on fuel pressure to keep the car running for about 3-5 mins after all the warning lights on the dash came on with less than a bar of fuel pressure.
  20. Typically on a four stroke engine, regardless of number of cylinders, when I set up multipoint group I use an injection rate of 1 engine cycle or 720deg. Just curious why you are not running full sequential with the extreme on the 1j. The ecu has enough I/O and has both a crank and cam sensor to suit the task.
  21. Under trigger modes in the software you will use the setting "Chev LS2/LS7"It will work with the factory sensors.
  22. Mouser part # 523-BD-06BFFA-LL7001
  23. There are 2 can modules in the ecu.
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