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  1. I would not recommend using the factory oil pressure sensor. I would recommend purchasing an actual pressure transducer to feed to the ecu. That will give you much more reliable data as the stock pressure sensors are very prone to failure.
  2. Recently had a oil pressure sensor short internally. Being able to view the 5v rail status in the runtime list is excellent.
  3. There is a ton of information right at everyones finger tips...…. From the help file
  4. 92 corvette would be LT1. And that is usually the optispark unit. There is a LT1 trigger mode in the software
  5. Brad Burnett

    Wheel speed issue

    Maybe the wheel speed sensor is wired to the cluster and not the ecu?
  6. Well those are resistor plugs. I use them just about every day. Maybe try setting up the internal datalogger and see what the voltages the ecu is seeing when this occurs?
  7. Brad Burnett

    CAN Setup "Mode"

    sent and received.
  8. Brad Burnett

    WRX104 -- AEM IAT

    If you couldn't find the sensor data you weren't looking very hard. https://aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-2010 Sensor Data.pdf
  9. To me it sounds as if the TPS is not seated correctly on the throttle body and it is not seeing full range of motion. Just curious why you are not using the factory Toyota sensor?
  10. UnicornGarage, I know what you mean. Im a dealer as well and had no idea that they were re-releasing the ethrottle modules. Its really not new, they used to sell them way back with the G4 stuff. I actually have an old one still sitting on the shelf.
  11. If I remember correctly, the storm doesn't have an onboard e throttle module
  12. 4 wires. A chassis ground B sensor ground C signal from ecu D +12v switched
  13. Brad Burnett

    1jz non vvti

    OR you could get a 2jz harness and the plug and play 2jz ecu. It will transfer right over to the 1jz motor.
  14. To get any where with this, you will need to post the current calibration and log showing the fault.
  15. My 1uz with ITBs did this a bit too. I would look at throttle sync for sure. I had my throttle syncd pretty sweet for idle and WOT so I just used the individual cylinder trims to clean up the mid range variance.
  16. Brad Burnett


    Who cares. Ditch the maf. https://www.viscontituning.com/products/wrx-sti-speed-density-kit you want the one for the GD(2002-2007) Its a plug and play iat adaptor harness for subarus. same Maf
  17. Brad Burnett


    Really? Its kind of hard to be unhappy with a Link ecu. They are one of the easiest ecu to use. Once the MAF is replaced with a MAP sensor it shouldn't take much to get that thing fired up. IF it will run on the PFC it will run on the link.
  18. Yes additional sensors and data help. You do not need the MAF unless you really just want to monitor it. Car will run just fine with the IAT and MAP. Sensors that I like to feed to the ecu for better control and protection are: Oil temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure, ethanol content, and fuel temperature. An ethanol content sensor will do both content and pressure. There are pressure sensors that will do pressure and temp also.
  19. what was the issue with the triggers?
  20. You will need to use a trigger pattern(both crank and cam) that is supported by the ecu for vvti operation. For the vvti to work, it will have to be a trigger pattern that is already decoded in the software.
  21. Sounds like the sensor is faulty
  22. Theres an awful lot of noise on trigger 2. Maybe try raising the filter on trig2 from level 1 to level 2? Is this a custom built harness or is it the factory unit? If it is still the factory original unit, you may want to rerun the trigger wires with new shielded cables that aren't 20 years old.
  23. Could you maybe post a copy of the calibration that the car is running, and maybe a log?
  24. I'm about to glance through the calibration. Is there any chance of you uploading a log of the issues occurring? Edit: Based on what i see in the calibration, there is still a tremendous amount of work needed to get this moving in the right direction. Fuel is not anywhere near functional. This is your key issue here. Try dropping the injector scalar incrementally. Doing so should richen the engine up and I believe will help with your running conditions. Also your fuel table needs a ton of work and smoothing. There is too much dwell in the operational area of the table. At 14v the dwell is 3 ms. Needs to be more like 1.8.
  25. I 100% recommend adding a relay to the system. You will also need to use a switched 12v feed to the coil on the relay.
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