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  1. The link ecu can be set up with the EML configured on a spare aux out. It will function as it should and should there be a fault it will illuminate.
  2. Brad Burnett

    knock sensor setup

    Per the help file: with bosch aftermarket sensor use 6khz
  3. @Ken Dunkley he is trying to send a simulated maf value to the trans control unit
  4. Kind of off topic, but i have had a car that did something similar with the knock stuff recently. I tuned a car on the dyno, saved 4 different calibrations for the same car( runs different classes of racing ie need for 4 cals) all with knock control turned on. I recently remoted in via team viewer and all the knock control had been turned off. Don't believe the customer did this.
  5. Brad Burnett

    125cc twin

    I would stick with MAP over BAP for the load source. Is this bike turbo? Could you give us some more info on the setup?
  6. curious as to the supplier of said ignition kit. Just so everyone can steer clear. And as adam said, the 1zz coils will not like more than 2ms of dwell. I have found they operate best around 1.8ms
  7. Turn on the pull up resistors in your digital inputs for the cam sensors.
  8. if you have a fuel pressure sensor wired into the ecu, I would set it up with a 3d table and enter the dead times just as they are there. If the injectors are very close to the Injector Dynamics 1700cc injectors, i would see how close this data is to them and maybe just use the ID data as it is more complete and will work better if trying to use the modelled fuel mode.
  9. Yes you will benefit from a quality wideband for closed loop fueling.
  10. What this guy said is 100% accurate. I have used tons of the AEM widebands. While they work and get the job done, they are not optimal. I can understand the reason to get them at their price point. But when the life of your engine is expensive, i would rather opt for a more quality sensor setup.
  11. i like that a lot @cj. Havent had the chance to do that on an ethrottle set up yet. Noted though. Thanks
  12. Brad Burnett


    Could you please post up a copy of the calibration that you are running as well as a log of the throttle faulting out if possible.
  13. In the limits tab, there are a couple of "GP limits" tables. I set them up there with rpm on the x axis and pressure on the y axis. Then it just becomes a fancy rpm limit table based on rpm and pressure.
  14. Brad Burnett

    R35 MAF

    you can feed the maf value into the ecu and monitor but the ecu will not be able to use it for a load reference
  15. Are you using modelled or traditional fuel mode?
  16. Yes it will matter which cam sensor you are using. Typically both will work(just different trigger reference angle). But i have experienced trigger issues with one of them(cant remember which one) that would have the crank and cam signaling at the same moment at varying rpms under load and it would throw things out of wack. Sounded like hitting limiter but it was not.
  17. Brad Burnett


    Your best bet would be a wire in unit. With that in mind you would need the ecu, connector kit, and probably an ignitor so as not to fry the ignition drives. Have actually done one of these with a coworker a few years ago. He had a 635csi with a turbo kit.
  18. 4g93t is still the same 1342 firing order. Most all 4 cylinder engines are the same, short of subarus which are 1324.
  19. Brad Burnett


    Too vague of a question. Could you please elaborate with some specifics?
  20. any two wire coolant temp sensor will work. The link NCT12 is just a Bosch style sensor with a m12x1.5 thread. As long as you go with that thread or 1/8npt you should be fine finding a temp sensor later on.
  21. Brad Burnett

    I/O Expansions?

    I would just go to the junk yard and pick a cruise stalk from either a Subaru or IS300 and retrofit the switches. could you upload that spread sheet with your I/O so i could see about some other ideas then?
  22. Brad Burnett

    I/O Expansions?

    If your only concern is a the cruise inputs, most newer factory cars(to include IS300 and 350z) use a single input for the cruise control. This input is fed to the ecu via an AN volt channel. The input will need a pull up resistor to 5v. The 4 cruise buttons are then just run through various resistors to ground. 4 DIs now become 1 AN volt channel. I have done this several times and works like a charm.
  23. This is awesome @Adamw. My customer will be so happy now. When we initially configured everything, the CAN DIs were not available.
  24. Only asking here as it seems the appropriate topic..... Have a customer with a Toucan unit. Are we able to configure the touch switches on the toucan to be say AC request? Last time I inquired it was not possible.
  25. Brad Burnett

    Setup CAN module

    100% possible to utilize both can modules
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