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  1. Cheers for the offer Adam but I think ive sorted now, it seems as though i had more than one driver request for the serial/usb adapter, i removed all PCLINK & usb/serial drivers and reinstalled and yipee we`re back to normal.
  2. I have tried connecting when engine running and same thing stops communicating after short time of 40 sec with PC,  its as if the PC freezes up with no activity until key off & unplug USB link then message ECU not responding appears.

    Have tried running in XP mode on PC and same thing but now PC goes blue screen with message your PC ran into a problem and needs to shut down: stop code:multiple IRP COMPLETE REQUESTS.

    Can you help? do you think its a PC issue or ECU issue?







  3. It stops before starting vehicle, engine starts & runs, i will try connecting once running to see if it stops. Cheers.
  4. Peter Snowdon


    Help please" lately i`ve encountered problems with maintaining communication when using serial-link to my ECU, It connects then after a minute sometimes less it stops, i`ve replaced the serial to usb and updated its driver but still the same problem, anyone else had this issue? if so what was the fix? Cheers.
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