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  1. Cheers for the offer Adam but I think ive sorted now, it seems as though i had more than one driver request for the serial/usb adapter, i removed all PCLINK & usb/serial drivers and reinstalled and yipee we`re back to normal.
  2. I have tried connecting when engine running and same thing stops communicating after short time of 40 sec with PC,  its as if the PC freezes up with no activity until key off & unplug USB link then message ECU not responding appears.

    Have tried running in XP mode on PC and same thing but now PC goes blue screen with message your PC ran into a problem and needs to shut down: stop code:multiple IRP COMPLETE REQUESTS.

    Can you help? do you think its a PC issue or ECU issue?







  3. It stops before starting vehicle, engine starts & runs, i will try connecting once running to see if it stops. Cheers.
  4. Peter Snowdon


    Help please" lately i`ve encountered problems with maintaining communication when using serial-link to my ECU, It connects then after a minute sometimes less it stops, i`ve replaced the serial to usb and updated its driver but still the same problem, anyone else had this issue? if so what was the fix? Cheers.
  5. Thanks Simon, Just to be sure, is that 12volt supplied resister hooked to the links output to the speedo? 1985 Rover speedo`s not like the modern electronic`s where all imputs switch to ground. Cheers. Â
  6. Help please to correct an inaccurate speedo,  If an auxiliary output is set to speedometer , can it still drive a positive 12v signal to my SD1 rover digital speedo? I have configured a digital input D1 for speedo with a drive high input, thus to accept a positive 12v inpulse from the 2 wire speed transducer. Cheers Snow.
  7. Hey, I think I have solved it, I increased the idle air bypass screw leaving the ICS solenoid to control the idle to a greater extent ,I think it has stopped the vacuum from reaching such high levels on quick decelleration. Cheers.
  8. Hi, I am running gen2 Linkplus on rover V8 vitesse, which when hard out between 1st & 2nd gear change stops fuel breifly when re appling gas pedal! a warning appears on screen "Map sensor signal has gone to ground"! does anybody else have this Warning appear with same result? Can you offer any help Simon? Cheers.
  9. Hi Simon, I ended up going with DI3 with 1k in series to get the right results thanks .
  10. Hi, can you help with a problem on my Rover3.5 running v2 linkplus, I tried connecting the existing rover 12volt 2 wire speed pickup wire to the link digital input 2 and set input to falling edge, this caused the rover speedo to become erratic . Do I need to manufacture a signal conditioner? or is there another way of connecting? Cheers for your help. Peter.
  11. Linkplus on rover 3.5 After full throttle then a quick change to second a 1 second fuel cut occurs and a Link warning message appears map sensor at ground, this happened whenever full throttle occured in 1st & changing to 2nd. I shifted the map sensor pickup point from beside the throttle body to the rear of the plenem chamber, this seems to have solved the fuel cut issue but the warning still appears. Is the Map sensor on its way out? It appears the sudden change in pressure was effecting its stability? also, does the re occuring warning have any other effect other than visual warning to operator?. Cheers Peter. rov12.txt
  12. I should have added that I only use MAP for throttle enrichment and with TPS removed idle works great but I do miss the needed fuel cut with it disconnected what I propose is a change over switch on the throttle ov for idle & 5v for non idle.
  13. G2 linkplus on Rover V8. I have tried 3 different sensors with all having the same anoying issue of sometimes varing .3 to .7% feedback at closed throttle.. Would it create a problem if I switched the feedback off/on through a throttle micro switch?
  14. Hi, I have a LinkplusG2 sequential injection on a RoverV8, Can you please expand on the difference between Saturate & Peak & Hold types of injection driver, When I updated my ECU it offered the choice and had setup 4 injectors with Peak&Hold; and 4 with Saturate. Thanks & best regards Peter.
  15. Hi, running a G2 on my Rover 3.5 with sequential injection setup and wondering why on the 2D mode does the injector timing position need increasing? is it treated the same as the ignition timing and are they linked in single zone? what is the advantage of 2D zone over single zone? Cheers.
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