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  1. Take a look in the ECU controls / CAN setup. What ECU do you have?
  2. Both of those inputs are directly sent to the ECU Neutral - pin 2O Brake - Pin 4P
  3. Wow. That's awesome, nice work! I'm a total noob when it comes the CANbus so what exactly does this send to the dash? looks like you have added oil pressure, but what are the VA8 outputs in stream 4? That virtual output is turned off. are they used to turn off other warning lights? Things I require are: RPM Charrge Speed inc Odometer Check engine light Cruise on light Coolant temp Oil pressure (via ANV input 10bar sensor) ( i know the dash works off a switch but can the ecu output at say 25psi and above or something?) This will be for my RX8 running a 1JZ VVT-i using the RX8 e-throttle with Aircon. Ive attached my installer IO. Planning to run a Fury and it would be nice to save on some of the AUX outs and DI's. ECU-IO (1).pdf
  4. So this will work for getting the wheel speeds to the ECU rather than via the DI's? Id like to save these inputs if possible. Also is there a way to turn the termination resistor off to turn the ECU into an node as i am planning to add another device to input CAN signals to the dash which already has the terminator built in.
  5. I have an RX8 that im installing a JZX110 1JZ with ETCS-i electronic throttle. I plan to retain the RX8 electronic pedal and control the Toyota throttle. Has anyone done this before? I plan to use a G4+ Fury Just want to make sure that i can make the Toyota throttle work without running a cable to the pedal position sensor on the ETCS throttle like Toyota does. Either that or I could make an adapter and fit an RX8 throttle to the JZ engine which looks to be a similar size.. Can I use the throttle for idle control as Toyota does or will i need to add an ICV to the system? Sorry for the noob questions but this will be my first E-throttle setup, not planning on building a race car, just want it to drive like factory. Thanks.
  6. Join this Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/all4swap/ its run by Yury who makes a CANVerter for the analog signals speed,tach,CEL and oil light to work with the CAN dash in the RX8 I have just brought one to swap an RX8 dash into my RX7.
  7. Previously Chris Thurstone wrote: Hi guys,I have a 1995 version Miatalink with display. If anybody is interested let me know I can ship international if the price is right. Again this comes with the Display that you can tune inside the car.On another note, does anybody know if it is possible to use this in a 1997 ECU?thank you guys,Chris Hi do you still have this? i could be keen please call or txt me on 0211220097 . im in auckland thanks cole
  8. flyin miata use a different wire to ground the ecu i have done this with no problems try it http://www.flyinmiata.com/support/instructions/ecu/1.6L_Link_ECU_installation.pdf check out page 6
  9. its ok they use some special digital sensor
  10. hi as the title sugests, is the miata link plugin ecu able to be used with pc link for tuning i have pclink v2.5 and a serial link are they able to be used together? my ecu started out with a link chip them got a flyin miata chip but have now gone back to a link chip. i didnt think the link chip was pc tunable but acording to this site pclink v2.5 should work any help is greatly appreciated cheers cole
  11. ok never mind thanks for your help anyway you wouldnt know of anyone with a spare FM link air temp sensor by chance?
  12. hi the ecu side would be best any luck? i have the factory diagram it is mainly for the map sensor pins
  13. probably doesnt affect you guys but i had to cut a jumper on the curcuit board in the ecu to run a wide band o2 but this is a pnp miata link
  14. hi i am after a pinout diagram for a miata link plugin ecu i cant seem to find one anywhere any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. Previously Adam Grosso wrote: Hello, Does anybody know where I can buy a pigtail or the electrical connector for the Link 2.5 bar 5V MAP sensor? It's a 7 pin (blades actually) flat rectangular connector. Any info, links, or sellers would be helpful. Thanks, Adam any mazda 323 mx5 or some rx7 airflow meter plug will work, just use the 1 3 and 4 pins also i have a spare one if you still need one call on 0211220097
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