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  1. Don't know if this is important but the pump didn't start running continuosly till the end of the set up. when i was setting the triggers i think. The ignition was on for around 3 hours with no problems should i go back to factory settings and start again ?
  2. I have a small problem with the fuel pump as soon as i turn on the ignition the pump starts running and does'nt shut off after 3 sec even when i turn the aux that it's wired to off it still runs so far iv'e filled the sump with 98. The aux 4 runs to the circuit open relay there is no single fuel relay any ideas.
  3. I was just trying to figure out the knock sensor and whether i have to buy a knock block. I have a g4 storm .
  4. Has anyone had any experience with wiring in one of these engines? If so can they help me out cheers matt
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