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  1. Stevieturbo

    Wastegate issues

    Exactly where on the scroll is that ? The closer to the turbine flange the better. And how is the gate control plumbed ?
  2. fit a normal camshaft and dump the vvt.
  3. There is no fact that any setup can do that on every application, because every setup is different. But there is pretty much nothing a 4 port can do, that cannot be achieved with a 3 port. Nobody can guarantee you either will allow you that pressure range, and you will not know what it can do, until you try.
  4. nothing wrong with the sound of the exhaust, I'm not hearing any misfires ? And I would not have used the quoted valve clearances...always go a little bigger.
  5. Can't say I've heard any horror stories, and I know a few guys using 4 ports without issue. But really...a 3 port can do the same job anyway, been doing it on mine for years.
  6. And can easily be done with a 3 port too.... It's not rocket science. But the first question is.....do you even need this mode of control ? What issues are you having that you feel the need to do it this way ? But a 4 port solenoid should work too, they just respond a bit slower than a 3 port.
  7. Not sure I'm following the cam timing.....you do not, cannot adjust based on a valve opening and closing point ? And with the AVCS pulleys...they are not adjsutable anyway ? As Steve says, I literally did only pop back in here myself to check this thread lol
  8. True, always set using either max lift as per lobe centerline, or lift at 1mm ( or whatever reference is given ). Both should tally up as correct though. I would not be using an actual open from closed, or open to closed position for timing it in. Also ensure you're on the correct lobe too, as Kelford cams actually have the two lobes slightly different opening/closing ramps which is a little odd.
  9. Although are you saying you have adjustable AVCS cam wheels in order to actually do anything with the cam timing ? Never heard of that. Otherwise....not really a lot can be changed from how it's ground ? Have you contacted the cam supplier with your query ?
  10. A lot of those are definitely too tight, and they will close up when the engine is warm. I'd like to see 0.25mm on the inlets and 0.35mm on the exhausts. Err on the side of caution on the high side, simply because the 01+ heads do seem to wear valves and seats over time, and with hard use, the gaps can only decrease. A little extra does no harm at all. It's fairly common to grind a little off the top of the valve to gain a little clearance...with suitable tooling. A little bench belt sander setup correctly works well and makes it easy to ensure a flat and true top of the valve.
  11. Or else just stick a 36-1 onto the crank pulley and use it instead ?
  12. As most aftermarket ecu's only look at the falling edge, which gives no position reference...I doubt it. Although if they could set the ecu to read the rising edge which does have a variety of tooth gaps, it could be possible. Why not just add/use the cam trigger ?
  13. Take it's counterpart and install it in a small enclosure. OR just straighten the rear pins and seal it all up after soldering/insulating etc. Not the prettiest, but perfectly functional if done well. Worth noting though that the rear side PCB pins, are coated with something so it's only the ends are easily soldered to.
  14. Adapt and overcome. Or just run without an air bypass and just use timing for idle control. Or just run an 01+ intake, which gives you better top feed injectors, and a simple ISCV.
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