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  1. Stevieturbo

    Engine Protection - Fuel

    Duty cycle is calculated same as it would anywhere for any thing.. It's simply a ratio of time active vs time available.. Time available being a full engine cycle. And there is no reason for DC to randomly "drastically increase" unless you've given the ecu a wide range of closed loop control to allow it to increase fuel pulse duration. Obviously Lambda/AFR is ultimately what you need to be correct....and is the end result of all the rest of the items being correct, so would be the easiest for a safety feature, even if it needs to be DIY implemented as there are no proper engine protection features for this. Ideally you'd have safety features for fuel pressure too though.
  2. Stevieturbo

    Subaru Electronic Throttle Pinout

    Not sure exactly which year although obviously it'd need to be 05-07 in the UK Subaru pedal, metal arm....plastic/rubber pedal. So possibly not an STI pedal. Looking into pedal, clip on top ( These were wiring colours on the plug that was cut from loom ) Left =1 1- Dark Blue = Signal 2- Orange = Sensor Ground 3- Blue/Red = 5v 4- White/Blue = Signal 5- White/Red = Sensor Ground 6- Light Blue = 5v Both are 0-5v tracks upwards But with a 5v supply it's pretty easy to work through them and test yourself. I did buy another pedal for a spare that I think came from a Legacy, different wire colours, same plug, and testing showed same pinouts.
  3. Stevieturbo

    Link Can Lambda wiring

    The instructions do seem a little unclear. The printed text above ( which is downloadable ) does mention the resistor...but it does also state that the G4+ already has this onboard which would imply the user does not need to add one and it has worked for me without one.
  4. Stevieturbo

    EJ207 Subaru WRX 2011 Engine RPM problem

    There may be legal/inspection matters that require the factory ecu to be in place ?
  5. Stevieturbo

    WRX Ign Trim tables pairing

    Surely as long as crank/cam are present it still knows which cylinder is active at any given time despite wasted spark so it should be able to trim on a per cylinder basis ? Or is it just a Link software thing ?
  6. Stevieturbo

    WRX Ign Trim tables pairing

    If by WRX you mean a Subaru, firing order is 1324.. Pair 1+2 and 3+4 But what exactly are you pairing and why ?
  7. Stevieturbo

    G4+ Wheelspeeds over CAN

    Quite true, although if you didnt have onboard Lambda and needed it too.....it would make it a little more of an option rather than an LTC and another add on for wheel speeds ( and GPS speed can be handy too )
  8. Stevieturbo

    Using rocker arm as cam position sensor?

    Because the ecu was always validating both crank and cam...the signal was just erratic, so any loss caused the engine to cut out. So I wouldnt say the actual trigger point was the issue....just that it was unreliable. The trigger point should have a wide window of being ok anyway given all it is doing. But of course all the ecu needs in order to start and run would be a single reference to ID cyl 1 and thereafter as long as crank signal is good with all the teeth etc it expect and no errors it can very happily ignore the cam trigger. ( But again some ecu's allow you to do this, some dont. Not sure if Link does ) So whilst it didnt give me a perfect signal, it would still have been a good enough signal to do the above....except my ecu at the time wouldnt allow it. I did change to a different ecu later on and ran with that same trigger for a few months, until I was able to make use of the OEM trigger setup but that required a lot of work as I'd rendered it inaccessible with other work. But if you had a little room on the end of the camshaft to screw in a small M6 capscrew you could very easily use that and it would give you a good signal directly via the camshaft rather than trying to use a lobe or rocker.
  9. Stevieturbo

    Using rocker arm as cam position sensor?

    I did this a few years ago with another ecu brand although I used a generic threaded hall sensor pointed at the steel roller tip of a rocker. Whilst it did work to a degree, it proved a little unreliable. However that ecu insisted on the cam sensor being validated full time. If the ecu allows you to ignore the cam signal once in 720sync then that would not be a problem but mine didnt at that time.. Some ecu's allow that, some dont, and some crank triggers lend themselves a little better to this than others ( ie those with an index/missing tooth etc ) Although if there is room...screwing say a small cap screw into the end of the camshaft..or somewhere along its length ( but the dead end is most sensible ) would give you a valid tooth to use. Does the engine you are using not already have some sort of phase trigger ?
  10. Stevieturbo

    G4+ Wheelspeeds over CAN

    Whilst more expensive, I do believe Tim has his expander unit working with Link's now. It can take 4 digital inputs and send them over CAN....or it has inbuilt GPS/Accelerometers/EGT too and an LSU4.9 controller. Again it can send all this via CAN. Might be an option for lower end models than require a little extra ( including an H-Bridge output ) https://jti.uk.com/mini-expansion-unit/
  11. Stevieturbo

    Subaru Electronic Throttle Pinout

    There are definitely a few variations of pedal pinout depending on which pedal and model. When i did mine I found a few online and none matched the STI Pedal I used ( same main plastic body but with a steel arm for the pedal ). And my pinout is different than listed above. Best way to find out is to get a power supply or battery or similar and test it before hooking up to the ecu
  12. Stevieturbo

    Link MAP sensor details

    you sure as hell better get some better flywheel retention if you want to pull 10k !!!! Otherwise it's going to be very messy.
  13. Stevieturbo

    LS1/LQ9 first setup

    I wouldnt even worry about an idle speed control valve, unless you really do see huge temperature swings that might make very cold starts a little more difficult.
  14. Stevieturbo

    LS1/LQ9 first setup

    The OEM sensors work fine from an unregulated 12v supply, they'd probably work fine off 5v too. They're just a hall sensor there is no need for a regulated supply. LS coils have built in ignitors. 5v/hi to charge, 0v/low to fire the coil. If firing wasted spark, 1+6, 8+5, 7+4 and 2+3 as pairs
  15. Stevieturbo

    Detonation avoidance

    If your tuner cannot avoid detonation, find a new tuner. Plain and simple. Any "meter" is only as reliable as the person using and configuring it.