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  1. You can set a time delay before it activates. It would seem sensible in the engine protection section....to actually have basic engine protection features though.
  2. Given the severity of plug damage, I would be very surprised if the engine is not already hurt. Find a competent tuner before they cost you a fortune.
  3. If a box is gona break...it's gona break. Dont be under any illusions it's as simple as stay below a certain torque and it will live forever.
  4. If you're trying to reduce torque...why would you be running 28psi in the first place ? Use common sense. Use less boost.
  5. Stevieturbo

    Trigger1 err

    Sensor ground should only run from sensors to the sensor ground on the ecu...as the name kinda implies, and as the instructions tell you.
  6. Very early ones are only around 1.3 bar positive pressure ? I did test a MY97/98 sensor years ago and although it can read to close to 2 bar positive.....it is only linear to around 1.5bar...between 1.5 and 2.0 it is not linear so unless a custom scaling is in place, do not trust it in that range with a generic A-B scaling.
  7. Does your vehicle speedo work and is connected correctly ?
  8. It's surprising nobody has done this yet, as it would be very popular. Someone did say Adrenaline tuning had a controller...but have never found any truth in this or units to use. Also found a few threads from a while back where people said they were working on it...but they never came to anything. others have done it other DCT boxes...but none the VW DSG...odd, given it's probably the most common application.
  9. Which can lead to even more significant engine damage. Avoid such boxes, they are totally unnecessary .
  10. So he never verified timing on screen is correct via a timing light ? That would be a basic step if there were concerns about what he had been seeing.
  11. Why not just use a SSR that is already proven to work ? The Hella SSR will not work for this application. Fan controller might work, but I've heard they have a very slow response to changes which may not be ideal for a fuel pump. Some Range Rovers or vehicles do use a FPCM which may be able to be used, but a SSR is so simple anything else just seems pointless.
  12. What does he mean they were going crazy ? it's the tuners job to enter the values when they are tuning....and ensure the ecu calibration is suitable for the task in hand. Did he not do this ? Or was unable to ?
  13. It's up to you to decide based on whatever it is you're trying to achieve, and what you want each ecu to do, or how active/functional you need the OEM ecu to remain. In general, 2 wire sensors/triggers cannot be shared 3 wire powered sensors can usually share a signal.
  14. The little Hella units are not rated for any sensible current in a steady load. Peak, surges yes they can do higher, but not continuous duty and I think they quote even less when PWM'ing. And a fuel pump is very much continuous duty. That 525 will easily be pulling 15A or near at base pressures, nevermind with boost. That's already exceeding what the Hella can cope with For water injection, I think my pump only pulls around 5A, so no big deal there, the Hella works great for that....although I will also add it seemed to work best at only 50Hz. At higher frequencies, the pump really struggled. With the Crydoms and my 450's I used this diode across the pump wiring. Probably overkill, but figured may as well go big. Flyback current should never really be high. https://uk.farnell.com/vishay/vft4045bp-m3-4w/diode-schottky-45v-40a-ito-220ac/dp/2115198?CMP=i-ddd7-00001003 Again, I tested this at various frequencies and watched fuel pressure to see if it changed and at various duties, and ended up leaving mine at 200Hz. The likes of a 100A DC Crydom states max is 650Hz. Some lower current versions claim to allow higher frequencies. As for the resistor across the input terminals...really no idea what it is for. I have used it with and without and both seemed to work fine ( with Syvecs ). But I left it in there, as presumably they wanted it there for a reason and it can do no harm being there anyway.
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