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  1. Stevieturbo

    ECU afr not matching stand alone gaugue

    That is bizarre any car powers the fuel pump without a relay or something to carry the load. Very unusual What car is it ? And presumably you wired this ecu in yourself ?
  2. Stevieturbo

    ECU afr not matching stand alone gaugue

    Onboard lambda is the correct way...no fucking about with CAN or Innovate....the latter being the most troublesome. The only way to do Innovate...is to manually test and calibrate over a sensible voltage range. Flatline the LC2's output at 0.5v, 1.0v, 1.5v etc etc and test what you see on the ecu for each voltage. Then DIY your calibration vs AFR to suit. And do it over as small an AFR range, for as wide a voltage range as you can....ie use the full 0-5v, and limit the AFR range to what you need, and is also still functional. That way small voltage errors or offsets will have less impact on the reading
  3. Stevieturbo

    Looking for a large Roadrace, Drift or Autocross Log

    And what sort of "abilities" do you need ? And more importantly the software ? Abilities of what it can log are fairly straightforward if you view the PCLink software and logging setup
  4. Stevieturbo

    Questions about the capabilities of a WRX9+ G4+

    The question has already been answered with two options ( of course there are other ecu options too ) Surely this WRC legend/mapper would already have offered various tuning options to cover you ? ( and AEM would be well down my list ! )
  5. Stevieturbo

    Subaru ECU compatibility issues

    I think UK WRX's of that age did not have AVCS and certainly not DBW. DBW only appeared on UK models 2006+ AVCS was present on older STI models, but all cable throttle. US models varied again, with DBW appearing on earlier cars and pretty sure different wiring pinouts than their EU/UK/JDM counterparts One would have to ask...why such a substantial change in engine ? Cam triggers will be different in your 06+ engine vs the older 2002 engine as well as the obvious DBW and AVCS aspects.
  6. Stevieturbo

    Questions about the capabilities of a WRX9+ G4+

    Basically what you're describing is purely only 4 boost levels. With MAP vs RPM, which is the typical load table arrangement with most ecu's ( without MAF obviously ) it is up to you to ensure running for each level is correct for that level. But in no way at all does it require 4 fuel or spark tables. So..even a simple boost controller with your current ecu could do that Via a replacement ecu, you could achieve multiple boost levels via a multiposition switch...with I guess an override type feature from a further momentary push switch on the wheel as you describe for that "overboost"...seems a bit messy and pointless though to need that additional switch for that though. Although if you want a reliable 600hp engine, just build one.
  7. Stevieturbo

    Knock Control G4+

    It's easy to get a known safe run.....retard timing so there is no chance whatsoever of any knock....= safe run, and always verifying with det cans
  8. Stevieturbo

    What trigger to use

    Why are you changing to the older trigger style ? Trigger scope ?
  9. Stevieturbo

    ECU no longer firing 2 cylinders...

    Andy has 6 cylinders though...( and perhaps a little more than 1200 on his faster runs ), so less cylinder pressure per cylinder. But really, without any actual detail of the build or level he is at..who knows. He could be at 300hp....or 1300hp...or nowhere in between Standard coils work exceptionally well and he hasnt stated any actual symptoms of a weak spark using them. But lots of problems with CDI, which is common. Bin CDI lol.
  10. Stevieturbo

    ECU no longer firing 2 cylinders...

    I guess if for whatever reason you believe you must run a CDI system...then maybe opt for something proven like M&W, and get rid of the junk MSD.
  11. Stevieturbo

    ECU no longer firing 2 cylinders...

    So you have a wiring or alternator issue ? Just exactly how much current do you think the OEM coils pull ? Because it is an insignificant amount in general and in no way the cause of any problems. Are you making 4 figure power or lots more to really necessitate stronger coils ? If so, IGN1A's are the obvious choice. Bottom line, CDI is not necessary, no benefit and almost always more hassle than they are worth. OEM Subaru coils are very powerful and will easily cope with 800hp. If you;'re having problems at much lower than that, then the problem is not the coils themselves. and a good crimp is always preferable to solder. You'll rarely see solder in aerospace, milspec stuff. if you really must solder, ensure the wire is well supported so it cannot fatigue and fracture over time
  12. Easiest....2 wire sensors should be dedicated to a single ecu. ie fit a new one for the Link. Most 3 wire powered sensors, their output can be shared ok. I know what Adam is doing by connecting to inputs with no pullup resistor, but there is still a chance this can skew readings to both units giving incorrect readings. And if the crank/cam triggers are VR, 2 wire...not sure how easy these will be to share between two devices ?
  13. Stevieturbo

    Yb Cosworth base map for fury

    Clint at BHP has done these, he's on the forum too so maybe he'll pop up.
  14. Stevieturbo

    Knock Control G4+

    It would be nice if these base tables could self populate whilst performing a known "safe" run to fill in the base tables with a background noise level. Then simply add the 10-20% to those values the table could average over a few pulls if need be.
  15. Stevieturbo

    ECU no longer firing 2 cylinders...

    Make life simple.....CDI Box, in the bin. 2001+ OEM Subaru COP's will easily take you to 800hp with zero issues. And not sure what trying to measure frequency from the ecu outputs is supposed to tell you. There will only be a frequency reading...as and when it is trying to charge/fire the coil, which of course will be a variable relating to rpm. To test the output proper you really need a scope...although you are happy now the ecu side of things is ok. But really...CDI boxes are more hassle then they are worth, and for pretty much anything these days are in no way needed.