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  1. Stevieturbo

    if goes lean shut of ignition or throttle

    Such an actual engine protection feature does not exist, but you can create a low rpm limit based around load/lambda and base any cuts around this which will work ok.
  2. Stevieturbo

    water meth injection

    You will never see 300psi, nor will 2x1000cc nozzles be as efficient as smaller nozzles. Well other than when the pump is pumping against the closed valve and if the pump has been adjusted to see a higher pressure. In fact, with nozzles that large I'd be surprised if you ever see much over 100psi. The pumps simply do not flow what the suppliers claim, and any pressure claims are against a dead head. I've tested the AEM big pump under load and in the real world at pressures required....realistically they're only around a 1200-1300cc pump, and that was with a quoted 1600cc worth of nozzle...and tested not fighting against boost pressure which would reduce flow further. Even with only a 600cc nozzle...my factory set 200psi pump, could never create 200psi. With 1600cc worth of nozzle, in the car, in real world use max pressure I see is around 140psi....so if using say 40psi boost, that's now only 100psi of effective pressure to inject, so even less flow. But stick a pressure sensor on the line and log it for yourself and use this to control any fuel/spark adjustments, rather than what you're currently doing which offers no failsafe. It's a cheap and easy way to monitor what the system is doing, and could be an eye opener. It's a pity nobody seems to have done much testing on the various systems and pumps out there to prove or disprove the suppliers claims.
  3. Stevieturbo


    Typically they are a 2 wire switch, and yes there would need to be a pullup from 5v to the signal wire if the ecu cannot provide this internally. IF the switch has been done correctly than that should give rising voltages from lower positions to higher positions. Pretty sure it will be polarity sensitive too. Or if building your own switch, you could probably do this with a 5v/signal 2 wire setup, cant see much need for a ground wire. Post a picture of the switch.
  4. Stevieturbo

    Boost control. Under no load

    A base map is there to start the engine to allow it to be tuned. Which it seems did apply here ? Trying to copy other peoples maps in the hope they might do something for you, is dangerous. Have the engine tuned properly by a competent person otherwise you risk damage.
  5. Stevieturbo

    water meth injection

    Devilsown will probably want you to use their controller, and kit in general obviously...and there's nothing wrong with that. Really, discuss it with your tuner, to see what he can make work for you and your needs. If you can add a flow or pressure sensor on the line and apply any fuel/timing corrections based on that, then that can be the basis of a solid failsafe with regards tuning should the system fail. Although done right, they are very reliable these days. But with control on-board the ecu and via a SSR for the pump or similar, it just gives the tuner a bit more flexibility with how "progressive" the delivery can be. If just PWM'ing the pump, as most aftermarket controllers do anyway, then it doesnt really need anything fancy, simple works. So it's largely down to your tuner to decide how much water/meth they want to use, when they want to inject and how aggressive they might want any tuning to be
  6. Stevieturbo

    water meth injection

    Depends who's putting it all together and tuning it. Using the ecu could save some money as it removes the need for an external controller, but there really are a few ways you could do it, each with various pros and cons. Standalone setups are perhaps easier for a novice, but either way it will need tuned anyway so someone competent needs involved to get it all working properly.
  7. Stevieturbo

    Boost control. Under no load

    There is no possible way you are making 0.9bar positive pressure just sitting still and revving the engine unless the tuning/build is diabolically bad, or you're running massive anti-lag or something. Both will be harmful. Normal running engines DO NOT make boost with no load on the engine.
  8. Stevieturbo

    Lean Spikes Between WOT Shifts

    If you're letting off the throttle during a shift....it isnt a WOT shift ?
  9. Stevieturbo

    Base maps/ ignition timing

    Well hopefully you can now move forward. Depending on damage, there is no doubt it could be repaired for substantially less than 6k....although I guess that depends on what currency lol.
  10. Stevieturbo

    No rpm during cranking - Reluctive sensor

    I'd load the scope to view.....but surely the software would allow one to do this offline ?
  11. Stevieturbo

    ABS sensor for wheel speed

    Some 2 wire sensors on ABS are a strange hall effect that need powered Are you sure your 2 wire is a regular inductive sensor ? Have you grounded the wire to signal ground ? Not battery or chassis ground. Can you scope it to see if there is any reaction at all from the sensor ?
  12. Stevieturbo

    Link WRX sti 2004 PnP Voltage Supply

    Sounds like you're dreaming up a problem...instead of looking for whatever actual problem you're trying to describe.
  13. Stevieturbo

    ecu goes lean with "auto tune" on

    Is the engine even tuned correctly prior to turning closed loop on ? closed loop is not a fix for bad tuning.
  14. Stevieturbo

    Base maps/ ignition timing

    It has an extra 7deg of timing in places...assuming all sensor scalings etc are correct and it is running in the correct load cells etc. ( possibly big assumptions ). So yes, it is very much more aggressive than the base map. Certainly enough that it's destroyed 2 pistons although it could be down to many tuning related factors...but one single incompetent tuner factor.
  15. Stevieturbo

    Base maps/ ignition timing

    A single screenshot without factoring in everything else within the tune means little. Perhaps even more so as the scalings on the table have also been altered. But you can be sure that if it's busted 2 pistons and was knocking/detonating....maybe choose different friends ? Or at least never let them near your car again.