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  1. Stevieturbo

    Base maps/ ignition timing

    Well hopefully you can now move forward. Depending on damage, there is no doubt it could be repaired for substantially less than 6k....although I guess that depends on what currency lol.
  2. Stevieturbo

    No rpm during cranking - Reluctive sensor

    I'd load the scope to view.....but surely the software would allow one to do this offline ?
  3. Stevieturbo

    ABS sensor for wheel speed

    Some 2 wire sensors on ABS are a strange hall effect that need powered Are you sure your 2 wire is a regular inductive sensor ? Have you grounded the wire to signal ground ? Not battery or chassis ground. Can you scope it to see if there is any reaction at all from the sensor ?
  4. Stevieturbo

    Link WRX sti 2004 PnP Voltage Supply

    Sounds like you're dreaming up a problem...instead of looking for whatever actual problem you're trying to describe.
  5. Stevieturbo

    ecu goes lean with "auto tune" on

    Is the engine even tuned correctly prior to turning closed loop on ? closed loop is not a fix for bad tuning.
  6. Stevieturbo

    Base maps/ ignition timing

    It has an extra 7deg of timing in places...assuming all sensor scalings etc are correct and it is running in the correct load cells etc. ( possibly big assumptions ). So yes, it is very much more aggressive than the base map. Certainly enough that it's destroyed 2 pistons although it could be down to many tuning related factors...but one single incompetent tuner factor.
  7. Stevieturbo

    Base maps/ ignition timing

    A single screenshot without factoring in everything else within the tune means little. Perhaps even more so as the scalings on the table have also been altered. But you can be sure that if it's busted 2 pistons and was knocking/detonating....maybe choose different friends ? Or at least never let them near your car again.
  8. Stevieturbo

    Boost cut or E-Throttle cut

    The regular LS3 gold blade ( which is probably same as what you're using ) works fine with boost. And the 90mm blade is quite adequate for up to around 2000hp....( and has been used beyond that ) So it shouldnt be too hard pressed at 6-7s 1/8ths. But either way logging would show if the blade is not tracking pedal or your desired target.
  9. Stevieturbo

    Problem trying to use ABS sensor

  10. Stevieturbo

    Problem trying to use ABS sensor

    Jaycar do a speedo corrector, which will convert signals too...and it is cheap. Or a lot of Vauxhalls have a little yellow "relay" which basically does the same thing. Obviously it isnt a relay, but it is encased as one made by Siemens Although if you're tagging onto an ABS sensor dont expect the ABS system to remain happy in most cases
  11. Stevieturbo

    MGB direct fire ignition

    A crankwheel with a TDC reference will suffice for a wasted spark type setup
  12. Stevieturbo

    water meth injection

    Most kits are very similar...so really whatever takes your fancy. If totally standalone, Aquamist is probably one of the better setups. But Prometh in the US is popular too, or Alky Control. I'd avoid the push fit pneumatic fittings most use though. Yes they are very handy, but inevitably they will always leak over time and possibly fail. Or if you must use them, be prepared to change fittings every year for example as a maintenance measure. Or it is easy enough to DIY build your own kit and control it from the ecu.
  13. https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/adjustable-delay-timer-relay-delay-on-or-off-12v-10a.html That will allow an easy run on of either after ecu shutdown, although not specifically to a temperature.
  14. Stevieturbo

    #WRX107+ Support for EZ30 Swap

    Cam trigger is probably different too ? But no reason that cant be sorted.
  15. Stevieturbo

    Custom trigger suggestions please

    YB ? Easiest is just bolt on an EECIV 36-1 wheel. Or pretty sure places sell similar you can retrofit, but it's easy to DIY that too, or indeed any crank trigger.
  16. Stevieturbo

    Custom trigger suggestions please

    What engine ? Presumably it has no crank trigger, or another model year of same platform has any you can use ? 24-1, 36-1, or whatever is always better than no missing/reference teeth...simply because of that. 24 teeth is almost meaningless other than for a rotational speed reference...which would be a waste of effort really. A missing tooth or other similar marker then also gives a specific crank position reference...typically cyl1 TDC ( in case of inline 4 that would be shared 1/4 hence if you want full sequential you then need a phase reference to ID cyl 1 from 1 or 4 )
  17. Stevieturbo

    LS3 cam sensor

    In most cases I dont think the power supply is critical I know when I tested my LS2/3 sensor on the bench I was using either a 5v supply or 9v battery...cant recall which as it was a few years ago but I know it worked fine. On the car I did use a 12v feed though. Output is still a 5v switch though. But test, it's easy and only takes a few mins swapping wires.
  18. Stevieturbo

    LS3 cam sensor

    It's only 3 wires, should take barely 5 mins to swap them about and test and then you know for sure.
  19. Stevieturbo

    smart pencil coil options

    Are a lot of the bike coils not internally amp'd ? CBR etc ? I've seen car guys used some of those as an upgrade. Of course lots use the car Honda/Denso coils for serious boost too....modern stuff is just damn powerful ! https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/general-tuning-discussion/show/79 Do you have room for the likes of IGN1A remote coils ? Not as neat as a pencil, but regarded as one of the best coils.
  20. Stevieturbo

    Thunder EGT question

    others have already used the ECUMaster EGT to CAN device for up to 8x EGT's And it's very cheap, seems to operate at around 5Hz which is fairly slow, but a thermocouple isnt super fast anyway so it's fine
  21. Stevieturbo

    smart pencil coil options

    It's a motorbike application....not use some motorbike pencil coils ? And for those who have issue with coils being powered up but not running some will wire the +ve feed to the coils via the fuel pump trigger so they can never be energised unless the engine is turning. Although that shouldnt really be needed.
  22. Stevieturbo

    ECU afr not matching stand alone gaugue

    That is bizarre any car powers the fuel pump without a relay or something to carry the load. Very unusual What car is it ? And presumably you wired this ecu in yourself ?
  23. Stevieturbo

    ECU afr not matching stand alone gaugue

    Onboard lambda is the correct way...no fucking about with CAN or Innovate....the latter being the most troublesome. The only way to do Innovate...is to manually test and calibrate over a sensible voltage range. Flatline the LC2's output at 0.5v, 1.0v, 1.5v etc etc and test what you see on the ecu for each voltage. Then DIY your calibration vs AFR to suit. And do it over as small an AFR range, for as wide a voltage range as you can....ie use the full 0-5v, and limit the AFR range to what you need, and is also still functional. That way small voltage errors or offsets will have less impact on the reading
  24. Stevieturbo

    Looking for a large Roadrace, Drift or Autocross Log

    And what sort of "abilities" do you need ? And more importantly the software ? Abilities of what it can log are fairly straightforward if you view the PCLink software and logging setup
  25. Stevieturbo

    Questions about the capabilities of a WRX9+ G4+

    The question has already been answered with two options ( of course there are other ecu options too ) Surely this WRC legend/mapper would already have offered various tuning options to cover you ? ( and AEM would be well down my list ! )