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  1. The car was originally tuned with a g4 ecu then it got stolen from me. I had a g3 laying around so I decided to wire that in. Then I upgrade the g3 firmware then load my original g4 map in it.
  2. So I have completed my g3 plus to g4 firmware upgrade. Two things I notice are my sync timing is off 37* and I have to dump 20% more fuel to be in the same afr as my g4 ecu. Nothing has change for the engine and base map. Is that normal?
  3. Hi in the link G3 ecu pinout there are two input for load 1 and load 3 where is load 2 ? are these the same as An volt in g4? Im using my existing g4 map with a g3 ecu upgrade
  4. Will i be able to run low impedance injectors with the g4 upgrade? Also any recommendations of who i should deal with regarding the upgrade?
  5. Sound great! Where can i get more details on how to update the software?
  6. Hi all I have always used the g4 extreme software and i love it. I recently picked up a G3 plus for real cheap. I was wondering if I upgrade to the g4 firmware will my software and home page layout will look the same as the g4 extreme homepage? And will I be able to use the G4 maps?
  7. Any more info on this? Really interested
  8. I did Look at the wrong timing mark. But are you sure im suppose to check it on the leading and not the trailing spark? The oem is at 20 degree after Tdc
  9. Here how I did mine... First I put the split timing map to -15 degrees then I locked the ignition timing to -5 degrees clamp the timing light to the front rotor trailing plug (top plug closest to the radiator). Check the timing and its out about 110 degrees timing mark is at the lower right. Once I move the timing back to the oem -20 degree mark the car run horrible. I wired the car using LQ9 gm coils rotary direct spark ign 1 to L1 ign 2 to L2 ign 3 to T1 ign 4 to T2. The car run and idle fine without syncing the ignition not sure what I did wrong!
  10. totally forgot about the help menu thank you!
  11. Hi Im looking to set up my 13b running direct fire ignition instead of waste spark. Im running 4 LS LQ9 coils with a wired in g4 extreme ecu. The car is running perfectly with waste spark setting. How do i set up the pclink to run direct and how should the ignition signal wire be configured so the ecu know which one is leading and trailing position?
  12. Hi I have a S7 mazda rx7 and im using a link g4 extreme to power the car but the ecu come with two base maps for the S7-S8 engine one version is 1.0-1.1 other is version 1.2 what is the different between the 2?
  13. Im setting up a honda k20 base map. im using the vvt control as one of the function but im limited to 16X11 resolution is there a way i can add more cell?
  14. Got it thanks hopefully this will solve my ground issues
  15. I want to wire in my pressure sensor can I use shield ground to replace sensor Ground?
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