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  1. Â nah just with the key on. its a hard one hey lol ill just let him deal with it. Â thanks trent
  2. hey mate  im not sure what the go is with it i went to see the fela that installed and tuned the ecu as it was in the car when i got it and he seid he has had a problum with it from new hes not sure why but always has a issuse getting it to connect but he seid after playing with it for a while he can get it to work. last time he tuned it he had just about finished it and it lost communication and he couldnt get it to come back on. i think ill just get him to do it all, its just a bit shit that ive got that cable so i could keep a check on everything but you get that i suppose.  thanks heaps for all your help mate  Trent
  3. hey When i plug the usb into my laptop all i get is that its a unknown device and its malfunctioned. it dosent come up with anything about what the device is. when i install the program i deffenently say yes to installing the drivers, i evan deleted the program off and did it over again to make sure i installed them. ive tryed pluging it into all the ports on the computer but i dunno if that would evan make a differents but i thort i would try it anyway. all that in getting out of it is error 43 unknown device and its malfunctioned. could there be a problum with my cable or my ecu? Â If you think it might be easyer to call me my number is 0400388103. Â Thanks heaps for your help.
  4. hey mate. still haveing problums getting it to connect when i plug it in it always ether comes up with error 43 or that its a unknown device and its malfunctioned. another person has seid that it could be that im running windows 7 but ive tryed it on xp and it dose the same thing and i have tryed the 2 different versions and the drivers that come with them. Â thanks trent.
  5. hey mate. im not havein any probloms with the car running as its already tuned for a std 25 with a few bolt ons ive just gone to a 25/30 but ive never had a cable to plug into my laptop. i cant get it to connect to my laptop and im not sure wether i need the program that matches the ecu ive downloaded a couple of different versions but still my laptop wont connect. Â Â Â Trent
  6. i think that should be all you need thanks mate.
  7. hey guy would anyone happen to know much about what program i will need to run this ecu on ive got the oldest one i can find but it dosent seem to connect. i think its the very first verson of the g4 for a r33 skyline it just has v1.0 on it. thanks.
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