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  1. hi scott thank you for the reply , i will give this a go and report back with the results again many thanks simon Â
  2. hi scott what im looking to do now is wire up the power steering so when you move the steering while the idle raises up slightly . iv found the correct wire in the boot and its putting out around 5 volts of signal . the mr2 uses an electric power steer pump , which when you move the steering wheel drops the revs due to load , so i want to wire a vsv up so when the ecu sees the signal from the wheel the revs raise up slightly , i have a 1mz engine in another car which is running factory standard ecu and this is what happen in that car and i want the same if at all poss in my mr2 but with the link ecu . iv got the vsv wired so when you flip the defogger on or side lights cause they are on the same factory curcuit the idle raises slightly and it works perfectly , i was going to see if i can use the same vsv , it doesnt matter if i cant because i have a spare vsv which i can plumb in for the power steering , but how would i configure it ,,,,,,,iv looked but im just not sure with it having a 5 ish volt signal thank you for your time simonÂ
  3. hi scott thank you for the reply , i have now sorted this issue and its working as it should , the mistake i had made was pretty foolish really , i hadent put a number 1 in the box next to di 1 , 1 = on if you see what i mean it took me a little while to figure it out . but all is good now . scott just while your here - is it ok to wire 2 aux outputs to the same vsv . many thanks for your time simon Â
  4. hi guys im having an issue getting a vsv to work via di 1 input configured to aux output. basicially in the boot there is a wire which becomes live when the lights are switched on or the rear defogger , the factory ecu used to idle up when it got signal from the lights or fogger . i have looked at the factory wiring diagrams and there are diodes already in place for the 2 curcuits. i want to wire a vsv solenoid so the when i pop the lights on the vsv kicks in to raise the idle ever so slightly . iv tried wiring it directly to the wire in the boot and it works perfectly , but it would work at all temperatures which isnt what i want really . i have tried how scott explained to me above and i cant get it to work how i think it should . i have also placed a doide in the wiring from the wire which comes live with the lights , which i now dont think i need . am i right in thinking i should be able to wire and configure it how im explaining , i know iv missed something along the way , but im a little confused , iv retraced my steps and before i do anything else i would love your input and advice on how to configure it . can i wire this fogger and light feed direct to the ecu without my diode in place . it measures 12 volt with the meter . many thanks regards simon
  5. hi guys iv recently been doing some bits and peices to my motor , now its a v6 1mzfe toyota motor which is in my mr2 , the car was mapped last yr and everything was great ,the tuner who is well known said there was no pinging ,  the performance was also great , now i have had to fit a catt to the car to get it through the uk mot , now since then im sure i can hear the motor pinging around 2000 - 3000 rpm . it has stainless maifolds on which i know are a little tinny in the way they sound , if the worst case is that i need the knock block how easy or difficult are they to fit wire and configure , i have had a little play around in the area on the map were the pinging seems to be , but if im honest the noise doesnt go away unless i retard the timing so far that the motor seems flat . im maybe missing something here but can some one possibly shed some light for me as im getting very concerned. would the car need to go back on a rolling road or is it quite simple to set the sensitivity up for advance a retard in closed loop. any input would be greatfully received cause this is worrying me too much now , thank you simon Â
  6. hi guys im looking for a way to create idle up when lights heater or any voltage load is place on the system , what is the best way to go about this , any help would be great , thanks in advance - simon
  7. hello guys , im looking for some help getting my power steering to idle up when in use , how many wires will i need to find from the cars loom to connect to the link . will it just be the one wire . i think im almost sure it a blue and yellow wire that i need to connet to the link maybe di input . can anyone shed some light on this for me , its a uk 1994 mr2 . and im using a link g4 storm  thank you simon Â
  8. fantasic write up and explanation , i really appreciate that , i have had the 1mz running at 14.7.1 idle before i installed the lc-1 . but when i flicked the wide band on the revs were just a little unstable , but the motor was running 95 percent bang on . like i say all this is pretty new ground for me , but iv really enjoyed learning this stuff , and im glad i have cause if anything goes wrong i supose you need to have an idea what to try. when the car was mapped it made 220 bhp with 248 ft torque and it like  feels a quick car . all the mapping above a 1000 rpm has never been touched at all , its just all the cold start stuff and idle setting which i just want right , then i will be happy . i will give all the above a try , and report back. if there is anything else i need to have a go at i would really appreciate any input. many thanks simon
  9. ok ...got the motor running today . upto temp then had aplay around , i have now got the idle as close to 13.2.1 as poss , the gauge just flicks around maybe with 1 or 2 numbers , but the engine is running lovely at idle very smooth and sounds very even no hunting around or anything . im just gonna let it cool down and see how things are tomorrow , but overall things seem a lot more stable indeed , and i just want to thank you for the advice , very much appreciated. the motor in question is a toyota 1mzfe v6 , planted in an mr2 , so the last thing i need is a conversion that runs like a sack of spanners....... Â simon
  10. also forgot to mention the motor made great figures when it was mapped ,,,,,,its just the niggles im trying to sort out.
  11. many thanks for the response - i will try to map the idle to the 13.2.1 like you say , i forgot to mention that the car was mapped on the rolling road , but there was an issue with the idle speed control valve , so all the cold start and idle values has been sorted out by me ,,,reading asking questions and paying close attention to how the motor runs drives and feels etc. so far iv been lucky cause i do have some mechanical knowlege , but all this is new ground for me, so i maybe back with more questions if thats ok..... thank you simon Â
  12. hi guys im running link g4 storm and lc-1 wideband , i have grounded the lc-1 to the same ground as the ecu. when im looking at wideband on my laptop all the numbers move at the same time and the lc1 gauge matches what my laptop says.  i have the lc-1 on factory settings afr . but the numbers on the gauge and laptop are moving from say 14.4 upto 14.7 then say upto 15.0 then back agin if you see what i mean . is this right or should i change the voltage settings in logworks. also the motor is running great , but when the numbers are jumping around a little i can hear that the motor is speeding up and slowing down just within a few revs , if you watch the rev counter carefully you can just see it moving. im more concernd tho about the numbers moving up and down , from what iv read the gauge should be a little more stable that what it is. any help would be greatfully received as i dont want to alter any ecu setting because if i turn wideband off the motor runs great , thanks in advance  simon
  13. hi simon the version im using is 4.5.1 software.
  14. im having an issue with my link g4 storm . i have the motor running and driving 95 percent perfect . but say iv had my engine running and its warm , if i stop and leave the car to go a little cool say on a cool day or a warm day , when i restart it its hunting around at low idle revs for maybe 10 to 15 seconds then it evens out and starts running as it should. can anyone point me in the right direction. / im trying to iron out these little niggles. cheers simon
  15. im just very curious as to what the ait temp trim does in the idle speed control . thank you  simon
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