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  1. david henningsson

    ECU fault or wiring?

    Hello. My friend has a v88 and when we measure 12v and ground it is ok on A. But on B we get 12v on the ground. Note. We have only connected A and B 12v + and grounded A. B is not grounded to car. And there we get 12v+ on the ground. ? Also has 12v out from inputs when harness is connected. The harness is correct now. But before it was connected vr sensor signal with 5 volt out to sensor and ground from sensor was connected to ground into v88. Did this brake the v88. When harness is connected to car it anv2-3 change to Anv at 5 volt. And measueres 12v anv2 on signal cable from v88. ? What is up with this. It is a home made pnp with original Bmw harness. M43.
  2. david henningsson

    ignition vag coils no spark

    problem solved. weak ground on pin2. good spark and the car has started.
  3. david henningsson

    ignition vag coils no spark

    if i have the sparkedge wrong it doesnt click in the coil. ivé tried. ivé tried both without and with the spark plug touching ground. no difference. pin 4 and pin2 is grounded to enginge but in two different places. many other i have talked to only have the pin 4 grounded if the coils metal doesnt touch the sparkplug. and that works. i am going too draw 2 new ground plus 1 new engine ground from chassi just too be sure its not that.
  4. david henningsson

    ignition vag coils no spark

    Hello. i mounted 6 vag (06b905115r) coils on my bmw m50 turbo. built in igniter. Pin1-12v Pin2- ecu ground. Pin3-ignition drive from ecu. Pin4-ground too engine. doing an ignition test and i hear the coils click but there are no spark at any of the coils when i have spark plugs too check it. WHY? i have rpm and trig 1 and 2 signal. about 180-210 rpm while cranking. Very thankful for quick response. With best regards David Henningsson, Henningssonmotorsport.