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  1. hi i was wondering if anyone have a base map for ls1 coil on plug crank 24x cam 1x thanks
  2. i try to coneckt both grounds on coils  to block , than power ground to block and refrence ground to sensor ground and im stil having problem locking the timing , im NOT geting crank cam errors .car wil start after a configure my trigers as multy tooth 24x , 1 cam puls istead ls1 5-10 but still timing is jumping all ower !! i am goin to scope the cam crank and look for sync problem but im thinking it could be something with coils. also what should i set in ignition setting ? i set it up as constant duty falling. one other think. first i was providing 12v /batt voltage to cam crank hall sensors now i change it to 8v coming from ecu. does this matters???
  3. im trying to start for a first time this ls1, witch is 03 US model LQ4 6.0 L ,COP 24x with cam sensor sinc. engine from truck .I am using ls1 triggers 5-10 and i have RPM steady i have crank and cam signal yes no errors. when i lock the ignition timing so i can set the offset . i get one or two flashes on the mark from timing light than as i continue cranking i continuosly have timing flashes but mark desapears! im wondering if anyone have a base start up map that i can try , or posibly give me idea what could cause this. thank you .
  4. yes i all ready wire up front and rear , im just wondering what would be the correckt setting so link can pick up the sensor and how do i set up tables and corection im not sure if i set it up corectly any sugestions if possible cal file thanks.
  5. Hi .. Can anyone help me how to set up stock BMW S54 motor E46 m3 knock sensors to work with internal knock detection  G4X box . also how do i test it or introduce to ECU what is normal and what is considered knock. Thank you .
  6. ok after feud corrections in the set up settings now im getting no error counts in cam but still got a error for a ex cam error extra pulse any ideas ?? anyone ???
  7. if my map is needed i will email it so you can see what i got for settings , thanks again
  8. Hi ...can anyone help mi understand what im doing wrong setting up wanos. Car is wired up and running we strapped the car to dyno and begin with base map , but cam error count is large and i am bit confused coz i newer did dual vanos . I am not sure if its my settings , but i am using DI-1 for intake cam, ref and DI-2 for ex. reference and 1-4 aux.ch. diodes wore removed from vanos module , base ignition timing lock on spot follows well no problem .How do i check when cams are at 0 deg. ?? in VVT tables dos 0 value means 0 deg . and than positive # is cam advance and neg. # is retard ?
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