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  1. Hello As it works out the version of PCLink I was using doesn't support Knock Threshold as a logged input where a later version does it automatically. Problem solved, Thanks Dave and Simon
  2. Hi Dave, I have only discovered the ability to change logging parameters via PC yesterday. I can only assume mine has always been like this which has a huge list of logged parameters (Perhaps to many and at a slow rate compared with yours). The engine is an RB26, to me what I think I am missing is Knock Threshold parameter. How do I get this into the logged parameters window? I have had a good look for it under available paramaters and cant seem to find it anywhere. Thanks for your time.
  3. Simon, I would like to add that I have found the PC Logging Setup under the logging tab of PCLInk G4, I haven't been in there before (always learning). Giving this some more thought after your reply I can confirm that under the 'Knock Control' Parameter, all items listed are in the logged parameter's tab. I think now, what I must have logging is the Knock Target table. At the moment I cant see this as an option under 'available parameter's' or in the 'logged parameter's' tab. Perhaps an instruction on how to enable logging of the Knock Target table will get me moving again. Thanks
  4. Hi Simon, I have been PC logging to date, Could you please explain logging all parameter's? How do I ensure all data is being logged? I have values entered into the Knock Target table, when using my PC to log the data the parameter 'Knock Threshold' says there is no data. I suspect now with what you have said I have something turned off. Thanks for your assistance
  5. Hello, I have installed a G4 Knock Block to my Link G4 Plug in ECU, I have wired this so that it is windowed to the crankshaft as per the installation manual. I have used the measurement technique to work out my true knock frequency, and have set the gain and frequency on the knock block accordingly. When I data log and have some light load on the engine I see that I am getting numbers from the parameter 'knock level' for each cylinder configured.  I have put some numbers into the Knock Target table and can not see these on the log to help me build a good buffer above the general noise of the engine. I assumed this would have been the parameter 'Knock Threshold' but when I log this it says there is no data. Perhaps I have the Knock Table configured incorrectly such as axis setup? Or maybe something needs activated so that I can log this table? or maybe I am trying to watch the wrong parameter while logging. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tim
  6. Hi, I have a G4 plug in fitted to my R32 GTR. Our first dyno tune was completed yesterday. When I'm on the road and accelerating hard I see the check engine light switch on and off quickly once while accelerating. I can feel no issue with the car all feels fine. When looking for the cause of the check engine light there is nothing stored in the ECU as far as fault codes. I have data logged the car with my PC and was wondering what I could look at with the logs to one identify when the light is turning on and what could perhaps be the cause of the light illuminating. I don't think I'm hitting a limit as I'm not experiencing fuel cut or power loss ( two limits I am aware of are RPM and MAP). I have a knock block installed but it is not active at this stage. Any suggestions would be fantastic, thanks Tim.
  7. Hello again, it has been quite sometime and now I'm in the process of getting everything running. I have now had the car idling and am receiving voltage from the KnockBlock into AnV2.when looking at my knock levels per cylinder I notice that cylinder 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4 are paired. Have I done something wrong? Or is this due to my car running wasted spark and perhaps giving fewer window signals....Can I get individual knock numbers per cylinder? Also I have noticed that in the runtime values screen under auxiliary A1 Knock Window is switching on and off while the engine is running, perhaps this is the signal switching or perhaps this is my fault. Sorry if this question is basic and I have missed the point. Thanks Tim
  8. Hello Cameron Thank you so much for your reply, You are correct I am installing a KnockBlock. There is a wire located in position 106 I will continue and use this one. Now you have told me the answer I can see this was in the pin out instruction all along, sorry for the silly question, I will pay closer attention next time. Thanks Tim
  9. Hello, As the title suggests I run a G4 ECU on my R32 GTR. Now I am installing a knock link which I would like to data log. I have purchased the expansion connector for the G4. I will be using DI 1-6, the brown wire on the expansion cable which takes the Window out from the knock link, where my confusion comes from is the installation of the window in to the Aux. For the R32 GTR and the G4 I see that Aux 5 has no description and is set to off while Aux 1 is labeled as FP Control 2 and is also set to off. I was intending on using Aux 1 so that I don't loose my air conditioning, Â when I find pin 113 on the GTR's loom which is where Aux 1 should be found there is no wire. Where to from here? Can you connect to the pin on the computer and get access to both Aux 1 and 5? Thanks Tim
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