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  1. Hi Ashley I have hard wired the trigger wiring and have the polarity the correct way but i am still seeing high flutuation on the revs then the car is running. Now if i set the base map config to ver7-9 in stead of ver1-2 then the revs are steady but the engine will not spark or fuel. What can i do to either get the car to run on the ver7-9 or to stop the rev's flutuating on ver1-2. thanks Andrew
  2. Hi how do you determine the sensor polarity scientifically? do you have a drawing or picture of a MY93 to 96 cam/crank sensor? Also, how can i wire in the standard temp gauage on the dash. Thanks Andrew
  3. Hi Ashley I have got my engine to run and both trigger's are saying yes. The error count climbs on crank and is stable on idle at any time but will increase as i try to rev the car. The car will not rev instead holding back and we are seeing both backfire and afterfire. we believe we may have a cam timing issue as we are on custom cams with vernier pulleys but we see massive flusctuations on screen on rpm from say 1200 to 4000. only quick blips like a signal error or something. when we try to open throttle the rpm pickup goes everywhere. We have tried the standard factory pulley on the cam with the timing marks to see if that was the issue and still have the problems Have you any idea's of what this can be. Cheers
  4. Hi Ashley In an earlier post you have told me to use a V1-2 base map from the adaptor link, i can not find that base map anywhere on the Link Site. My old link was a Possom Link and the maps wont work on the LEM. Can you send me a base map so i can at least get my settings correct and hopefully start. Thanks Andrew. Ps If there is anyone out there with maps for a MY 93-96 turbo motor would you send me your maps to have a look at. Thanks Again.
  5. Hi I have a quick question regarding wiring in the standard Subaru Turbo igniter. The igniter has four ports on one side and five on the other. Now the fifth wire is the ground but which side of the igniter goes to the coil packs and which side is the feed in from the ECU. One side is labeled I1 to 4 and the other side labeled E1 to 4. Thanks Andrew
  6. Hi Ashley and Dave Thanks for the reply's. My car is a turbo'd GC8 engine running 8.5:1 compression, i have fitted high lift cams and vernier pullies. I am still running the standard inlet manifold, ISC and coil packs. The coils are single bolt coils, one on each spark plug with two wires coming out of each coil pack. I have choosen to build a loom for the engine rather than use an adaptalink as i feel i have a problem with the standard car loom as i already own a old link which is a plug n play but the coils wont spark when cranking, but if i refit the cars standard ECU then they do. (strange isnt it) I have found a diagram regarding the ISC in technical and have wired it the correct way now thanks. If you could direct me to the appropriate base map for my car in PCLink that would be great as i am struggling to find any wiring diagrams Do you know what the dwell setting is for this type of coil packs. Any info which could help would be greatly appricated. Thanks Andrew
  7. Hi Is there anybody out there who can help please. I really need the answers to my questions as i am struggling to find the answers. Thanks Andrew
  8. Hi I have just bought the G3 and after reading the manual it suggests you fit igniters before the coil packs to help control the dwell. Does anyone know if the coil packs already have igniters built into them so i can just wire each unit direct to the ECU. I was think of wiring each coil pack separately to each Ign port on the ECU, is this the best way or should i wire them in pairs to Ign 1&2 and use Ing 3&4 to control the fans. Secondly, I was going to use the 5v out for the constant feed to the TPS. But i also need a 5v feed for the ISC. Can i wire both units to the same 5 v output or is there a different way of doing it. Many Thanks Andrew
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