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  1. hey guys, wondering if i am better off fitting an Wo2 bung to each port or fit an EGT bung to my exhaust headers to get individual cylinder tuning spot-on? Currently have a Wo2 and about to buy to purchase a EGT sensor. thanks.
  2. if your talking the e85 content sniffer, seems most do as well. noticed on Haltech site the same thing. Spent $125 with delivery for sensor and pigtail from PacePerformance in USA to Melbourne. looking forward to having a bit more of a play.
  3. hey guys, need to wire in an EGT sensor to see what is going on. Are there certains types that are better than other, compatible with the link when calibrated? I have a v3/4 subaru wrx plugin board. Â dave.
  4. GP Input will work perfecly.  >IAT & >RPM & >kPa.  set the link to earth the relay with a manual button on dash and done. Â
  5. Hey guys, After looking at my intake temps the other day on a drag run, i need to hook up a water spray setup on my TMIC. Intake temps rose from 19*c at start to 65* by end of the run, first time i've had an intake temp sensor, so never noticed. Anyway, wondering if it would be easy to configure my link to control the water spray pump on/off given a 2/3/4D table or something along those lines. Say above a certain RPM/Throttle/Boost etc? I have the v3/4 plugin for the Subaru wrx.  Dave.
  6. so the link help file says only certain USB to Serial adaptors will work. what makes a good or bad device and how to identify when buying one?
  7. V3-4 subaru wrx plug-in board. i got everything ready/setup, have the latest software and USB drivers installed from online and the PC cant detect the ECU? the light on the ecu board light up when the ignition key is on, the check engine light flashes as i had not connected the ECT sensor, so i know it is working. i tried uninstalling an re-installing the PC software n drivers and it made no difference. is their some serial to usb converters that dont work? as the one i have works with other devices. should i try the older USB drivers as i didnt have time to try? ssooo annoying.  dave.
  8. thanx scott, really looking forward to leaning a new ecu. from what i can tell so far, i am pretty impressed. Â the Auto tune function looks like it's going to make it a lot easier, same with Auto trim. shame there is nothing yet for Auto MBT. fella on rexnet was talking about maybe autronic or another hooking into the dyno and calcing MBT that way prolly easier on e85 as you can go way past MBT without even getting a knock count! i recon it would be possible with a computer software dyno simulator to do similar. make it easier for me to road tune.Â
  9. cool thanx scott.  i just loaded up the v3-4 wrx map that came with the latest software. are there different version or just this one? master = 15ms trim = 0% so 15ms x 2.6315789=5.7m2 5.7ms*1.32=7.524ms then use the same trim value you calcd as same amount. so the master is bulk fuel changes across tables. while the trim is fine changes across tables? might be worth putting some info in the software note as you just did above as very helpfull. Â
  10. hey guys, i am about to plugin the G4 i bought into my wrx. Quick question on setting up the injectors and running e85 and what values to put into the master fuel and master fuel trim? Be easier having an educated guess entered that just guessing what values should be changed and why? Standard injectors for this wrx were 380cc, now have ID1000's. plus i also run United 24 e85 which required about 32% extra fuel, which was as i had in my microtech to get things back to where they should be. ID1000's also come with the dead time for voltage table which has already been put in.  Thanx, dave.
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