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  1. Hello Simon, many thanks!!It was a wiring problem with earth
  2. Hi to all i have purchased a knock link before a year.it worked well(i think) for 2-3 months but after that problems occured. It doesn't work well.Start the engine and led is only at the blue colour and not blinks to go to green.If i live it for 4-7 days maybbe works again.If it works and make a ride,after 5-15 minutes same problem.Stays at blue colour.Another thing that happened once was in a trackday which stopped working.After 2 days all good.Is it faulty?
  3. Hi, i am sory for the kind of the question. When i am tying to open files from maps,it openes them with preset programm. By my mistake i changed how to open the files.I have preset my laptop to explorer ,then word and then excel...trying to remember which was the preset one. If i open my files when i have opened the demo program,then i can read them.But i cannot read as example what you have in your base maps. Please help me a little
  4. is it possible to have voltage for the aem wideband gauge.I cannot calibrate it so good and i don't want to buy another afr gauge.
  5. Hi,i want to buy a new laptop but everything now are with windows 8.Is the ecu compatible with them?
  6. Hello guys, just seen the answers. I think it is D shaped as it impossible this time to take it out.I'll do this in about a month. Jason i am worried about this red tps because i think it is not so reliable and when it gets broke i cannot find any as new,and if i find any it will be so expensive without reason.Of course i want to thank you about your answer. many thanks Regards George
  7. Hello Scott, my tps is weber PF01 item.As i read it is open circuit when off throttle and when apply a little throttle it reads voltage which moves from 0,5v-5v (or the opposite,i don't remember exactly).The main reason i ask for TPS is if this one breaks i cannot find new or the newer one PF09,and when you find the later is very expensive.If you know anything which can fit with or without modification to the buterrfly it will be great.Also i want to change the idle control valve as this is always stuck,unreliable and expensive also.I beleive if i buy some new parts which are less expensive will be better too. Thanks in advance George
  8. anyone?? it is very important to me if anyone can help what else to get
  9. Hello my name is George from Athens Greece. I want to find out what i need to make a wasted spark kit for a sierra cosworth using Link G4 storm.I ahve the standard setup with low impendance injectors,so bear in mind for a complete low budget if i can wasted spark cosworth engine.I also use PF01 tps which i think with closed throttle is open circuit.If i need please add. Many thanks in advance George
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