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  1. Hello, Link black storm/ Inline 6 / 2 bosch sensors I use knock detection system in all my setups now. i just need to understand some things regarding how it works. i got confused on something as one day i unplug the second sensor connector and i noticed i still see sensor activity in the software. for all cylinders so how knock works in link. i thought we have 2 sensors i guess sensor no1 will be for Cyl 1,2,3 and sensor no2 will be for 4,5,6. as far as i see now that all sensors are used together 1 and 2 to listen to all cylinders. there is no dedicated sensor to no of cylinders i believe this make the algorithm less accurate. cause both sensors are listening at the same time for the cylinder that have the firing time. i feel the knock window should include one of the sensor only for the specific cylinder this will make detection more accurate.
  2. Now haltech support the 4G69 triggering. is there any chance in the near future to add this triggering to link. as i have many customer change the ecu platfrom for this engine.
  3. lets say a street car is tuned for 95ron and pushing 1.5 bar of boost and the customer then put 93ron and the engine will start to knock and the knock protection function then will pull timing , but sometimes pre ignition occurs which is not timing dependent , the best case is if the knock count exceed certain amount of knock through a period of time (excessive knock) then the boost control should apply 0% duty cycle which will make the engine run on the lowest boost , by this the engine is protected from running on bad fuel with high boost for a longer time
  4. the M50 does not have the same pinout , unfortunately 540 DBW come with 2 types of VDO module both have different pinout , the best practice is to open the throttle black cover and you can easily trace the pinout wiring , as you will have 2 pins for the motor and you can easily see the traces for the 2 TPS with shared 5V and 0V , and dont worry if you swap the 5V over the 0V as you will eventually calibrate the throttle in the software , as for the motor to determine the 12V and 0V orentiation you will have to bench test them to see which way open the throttle as the wrong way will close it Best regards
  5. I have tuned a numerous subaru's ecu and other manufacturers , i see that the knock protection function on subaru's are very effective and i see the link lack one of the important features which is if excessive knock occur the boost controller should pull down to the lowest boost , as this will protect the engine more , this feature can be also if lambda is enabled for closed loop , any failure in a target AFR should disable the boost control algorithm which will bring down the boost to the minimum .
  6. your gain channel is really high 100 is like you are turning the volume really high , try to lower this value
  7. it already have a second map
  8. any update on this ??
  9. Hello, i have been a dealer for long time now and 50% from the ECUs i sold they only use half the features of the storm or extreme , Egypt market can boost the ATOM sales if it had some of the storm Features Antilag feature is a must i recommend to include this feature in the near future as its price will be very affordable to Egyptian Market
  10. i also need this feature , as sometimes it bother me everytime i need to unlock i have to go to check the box
  11. is there any chance this ECU atom can have the Antilag feature ?? , i think i can sell more of them if they have this feature
  12. depend on what mode you are running is it open loop or closed loop and what kind of idle stepper or PWM
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