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  1. Was searching for options for booscontrol and was looking for this. Always look out for the new tech.
  2. Hi all, Just saw the new TurboSmart E-gate and reeeeeally badly want one. Link to E-Gate Is the LinkEcu PnP Mitsu Evo version able to control it? If yes - then how? Thanks already for the reply.
  3. Ok then. No additional relays needed? as currently all works if using the test feature but when you turn the key to start there is no ignition, injector or fuelpump control. The fuel system prime works though.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to run the older 1.3 ver pnp evo 9 ecu with older evo 4 running stock evo 4 motor. thanks already!
  5. Just wanted to share my setup. Have been using it since it was orginally released for ios and android. Link to video
  6. Do I need to buy a separate can cable or is it included?
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if the AIM MXL Pista race display works with Link G4+ PnP ecu for Evo 5-8? Thanks already!
  8. Got it working. Had to reupload the rom to the ecu. Now works just fine! So there could be a issue if you upgrade from the older version to this new one. Thanks again for quick replys!
  9. Yep. I am. As I can see the other runtime values changing. Will try today (wednesday).
  10. Hi, I am a new user for the Link G4+ PnP Evo 6 ecu. I downloaded and updated to the new 5.4.3 firmware. I tried to do the ignition timing calibration but for some reason the lock ignition timing feature and the adjustments won't work. Example - I have the runtime values open and the engine is roughly idling 1200-1300 rpm (haven't adjusted the idle yet) and timing is 20-22. When I open the calibration window the timing drops to 0. Ok thats fine but when I change it to 10 - nothing happens. Also when trying to adjust the delay and timing correction - nothing happens. Using a Bosch timinglight with my friend. Any help?
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