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  1. Hi WIth my GTSLink G4, can it be setup to run coils w built in ignitors to replace the old seperate ignitor that early RB's had.
  2. Hi Can the G4 PnP run CoP w/ built in ignitors to replace the ignitor pack that the rb26 has
  3. Hi Is it possible for the g4 to be tuned good enough to daily drive w e85 in Auckland traffic. Say up to 4 hours of start stop each day 5 days a week.
  4. Check if your tablet has a zoom in the display settings as that will mess it up if you have set it up on a pc which is 100%
  5. JohnRambo

    Flex fuel on G4

    Only way is to use the 4d 5d ign fuel maps with %e on an axis. I have a thread here somewhere about boost control onthe g4 with variable ethanol
  6. JohnRambo

    Flex fuel on G4

    The g4 plus has multiple fuel modelling modes which allows it to be true flex fuel tuneable look at the videos ok Youtube by linkecu
  7. JohnRambo

    g4 tablet dash

    Yep I found in the Di for vehicle speed it has calibration number and you just tweak it up or down against a known speedo just as a gps
  8. Hi Dumb Q, but I'm assuming I should setup my speed calibration before going through the gear calibration? My speedo is out by about 10km/h at 100km/h
  9. JohnRambo

    Flex fuel on G4

    Awesome, more life in this ecu I'll talk to my tuner
  10. JohnRambo

    Flex fuel on G4

    Hi Does the G4 support running flex fuel? I have a RB engine with ITB's, at my main fuel table is TPS/RPM and we have used the 4D table for MGP. Can I use the 5D fuel and 4D ign for %ethanol. I couldn't see an option for a separate boost table to use with %ethanol. The car is currently tuned for 98. Thanks in advance
  11. JohnRambo

    Wiring twin fans

    I looked at all the provided basemaps for fwd type cars with twin fans and saw a lot of them just had one ac and one eng fan setup. So I configured one as engine fan 94/2 and the ac fan as 96/2. We'll see how that goes.
  12. JohnRambo

    Wiring twin fans

    We drove from Auckland to Taupo and back this weekend. The fans were on the whole time we had A/C on as configured. Would it be advisable to have the fans turn off at a given speed? (I think that is how some cars do it). So that once the car is moving at pace the fans aren't required. I'm thinking we could convert out Aircon Fan to a GP Output with ECT >, Speed DI. I couldn't find anything for a hyseresis. That would be for both fans, or I let it run the designated aircon fan full time with the a/c and toggle the other fan off with the gp output. Having the fans come on when the a/c is turned on though, wow does that make a difference compared to the stock ecu.
  13. JohnRambo

    Wiring twin fans

    Given it is 2 fans, am I best to run 2x ign switch relays in front of the 2x fan relays? So 1 relay per circuit. Just thinking out loud and trying to keep it simple.
  14. JohnRambo

    Wiring twin fans

    Just had a thought, could I just put a diode in the wire by the ecu to stop it back feeding?
  15. JohnRambo

    Wiring twin fans

    I've rtfm, will buy a relay today and put it between the battery and fans and make that relay ign switched. What would be a nice label to call these relays?
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