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  1. Rob W

    ID1000's I'm confused

    I had the same issue. Went to all the trouble of putting all that data in. Car wasn't happy. Zeroed it all out and away it went. Have left it out since and everything working just fine.
  2. Rob W

    What Lambda controller to use?

    Ballenger AFR500v2 with NTK sensor. Little bit more expensive then the Innovate and AEM but you have a choice of several sensors and you can have it configured to read Lambda or AFR. I had an innovate with 4.2 sensor for 6yrs and no issues other than replacing a sensor and a guy had his Haltech gear on my car and said my Innovate was reading rich which I couldn't afford so eventually changed to the Ballenger.
  3. Rob W

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Thanks flipski. I tried that but wouldn't open, but if I click on the arrow beside the folder it expands and lets me do what I need.
  4. Rob W

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    I have just downloaded When I go to add to the Parameters List on the logging page I click on a folder and it adds every parameter in it rather than letting me choose what I want.
  5. Rob W

    car wont start. v4 type r sti

    If it was very shaky it is possible that it was very rich which can ruin your spark plugs. Repeated overly rich idling can do that and if this is the case they will need to be replaced. What was your wideband saying?
  6. Rob W

    Ballenger AFR 500 Analogue output

    Thanks Adam.
  7. Rob W

    Ballenger AFR 500 Analogue output

    I have a Ballenger AFR 500 Wideband here to install. Can anyone tell me what this should look like in the Cal Table Lambbda (.618-1.098) = 0.618 +V out x 0.096 It has a linear output where 0v is equal to .618 and 5v is 1.098 So is it simply a matter of Input Value A =0v, Output =.618 : Input B 5v, Output 1.098
  8. Rob W

    Need help in logging

    Do you have a wideband feeding into that ecu or is that Lambda reading a default?
  9. Rob W

    Coil on Plug Conversion

    Thanks Guys, Yeah v5-6 wrx as per my profile there. Serial number 26067. Ignition 5 and 6 are listed in the Aux outputs
  10. Rob W

    Coil on Plug Conversion

    To do a COP conversion on a '99 wrx do I use the Aux Output Ignition Drives? 1&2 are currently ignition. 3&4 are engine fans. Would I change 3&4 to ignition drives and reallocate the fans to 5&6 and would the fans then work? Can I then change from wasted to direct spark? Where would the signals to the coils be wired to?
  11. Rob W

    Warm Start Struggles

    Some people have had success changing the injection angle for cranking to earlier in the cycle for E85 so that it is in suspension rather than hitting the back of the valve.
  12. Rob W

    Knock Control G4+

    I logged to the ecu at 100Hz and yes there were some spikes over the 500 threshold. However there were still some instances where timing was pulled below the set threshold. I'm going to update the firmware as suggested this week.
  13. Rob W

    Knock Control G4+

    That would be awesome Steve. My problem is at the moment is I can't get a known safe run with these little spikes of timing coming out. I pulled the plugs on the weekend and no signs of any det. I didn't get a chance to get the car out but I'll log it to the ecu and report back as soon as I can.
  14. Rob W

    Knock Control G4+

    Thanks Adam. Last time I updated the firmware I had some issues with the tune so I went back to this version. Will the compare function show me what changes. Eg - The TPS needed to be reset.
  15. Rob W

    Knock Control G4+

    Not yet Adam. Probably tomorrow. We did a lot of logging last weekend with some ears on it with nothing audible. It seems to be happening so quickly I can't even hear it, maybe why the logging isn't picking it up. When it did knock on a separate occasion, I was able to hear a crack even as the system took over and pulled timing. I'm going to pull the spark plugs today and have a look at them. And I'll get some logging done at 100Hz to the ecu and see what that says and report back. How do I look open log files out of the ecu?