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  1. For your cold start use the Warm Up Enrichment table. Get your Lambda where the car is happiest at warm idle somewhere between .9 and 1.0 Start the car cold and follow it through the Warm up Enrichment table adjusting the values to suit whatever the car likes. Don't be set on a number. It may want to be richer than .9 on it way up in temperature. It will take more than one cold start to get it really nice. That is a start point. I found to get it real nice it is a combination IAC control and Lambda over a period of time.
  2. What a beast mate.
  3. The Ballenger is another tempting unit. Used to be huge with the high power Supra guys back in the day. They don't appear to have CAN communication though? my reading also indicated that the NTk sensors, while hearty, are sluggish in the response department. Have you found this to be the case? What I have found is the ecu logs the information faster than you will see it on the guage, so if you were relying solely on the guage to see what the engine is doing you would miss some issues with fueling.
  4. I recently purchased a Ballenger AFR500 - has options for variety of sensors including the tougher NTK unit. It also outputs a series of voltages to the ecu during warmup which gives calibration data at different points Seems to be the wideband of choice on the Guild of EFI Tuners page before stepping up to the full on professional equipment.
  5. Rob W

    Lambda 1 vs AEM wideband

    I recently found out that our BP98 in Aus is 14.4 as well Clint. All my maps are set up with 14.7 in the fuel set up in traditional mode. I don't use open loop Lambda control at the moment though. I tune with an AFR500 set on Lambda mode and Lambda on the ecu So is it worth changing that setting in the ecu ?
  6. Try something more along these lines and tweak the numbers from there It will be most beneficial if you start by tuning the idle up with this turned off and use the base position and the block of timing in the idle area first. In your earlier logs it was happy at 15* meeting your target idle. The 26* or whatever it was in tuners basemap is quite uncommon and it might help if you start over.
  7. Well said Ken. I mentioned in another forum that the wideband only measures "burnt fuel" and the cams skew the readings. Mine Ej engine runs best at cruise .9-.95 with cams rather than the more traditional 1.0+
  8. So it was lean? Good to hear you have it sorted
  9. Rob W

    Idle Problems

    I think what CJ means is that you turn the Idle Ignition Control off, AC step, Fan Step, Power Steer Step to zero and tune the idle as best you can using the Base Position Table, then enable the IIC and switch up your fan step etc as you need it. In your main ignition table there is a block of 25* timing where it idles, but when the Idle Ignition Control is actually active it idles at target with around 15* in the IIC table. Once it gets above the 45kPa lockout it jumps out of the IIControl and into the 25* and higher timing blocks in the main ignition table so the idle rises and fluctuates. Try and get to your idle targets using the base position table and the block of timing in the idle cells. Edit: You should be able to change that block of 25* where it idles to 15* as per what it is using from the IIC table. Then turn the IIC back on with whatever timing you have in the idle blocks in the centre or "0 Target" column with lower timing in the left or "-" columns and higher timing in the right hand side. Be aware that if you have the car warmed up when you do this you'll need to chase the base position up when it's cold also or it won't want to start. Consider your fuelling as well while your doing all this. I'm not familiar with Ethrottle but this is how I have done it with Sol/Stepper. You're not going to get the whole warm up thing right from the very start, it takes a few times to get it spot on. This is why it is not always perfect when it comes back from a tuning shop unless they have the car for a few days, so just take your time. Read the help files like CJ said for Open Loop Idle and Idle Ignition Trim.
  10. Rob W

    Idle Problems

    Another little issue there. Your warm up enrichment has 18-22% above 80*c. Engines will often be operating in that ECT range. If you have a close look at log 3 at 89*c your avg Lambda at idle is .79, which is not far off WOT Lambda. As soon as it hits 90*c the enrichment is 0% and Lambda jumps to .90 avg. Drops back to 89*c and richens up to .79 again.
  11. Rob W

    Idle Problems

    There are couple of reasons your idle ignition control is not working as well as it could: 1. Your TPS needs calibrating as it is showing 5.3% during idle - TPS lockout is set at 2% in your IIC setup tab so you are not getting below the lockout. 2. Your idle MAP is around 43kPa. Lockout is set to 45kPa so if it is slightly above it is not able to catch it. You could raise that to 60kPa. Your TPS lockout and speed lockouts will stop it from becoming active at the wrong time. 3. Rpm lockout is set to 1200rpm. Your warm up target is 1300rpm so you need to be above that. Have you reduced the idle target from 1000 to 900 at 80-90*c.? Your base map in the other thread had 1000rpm there but I noticed in the logs now the target is 900rpm. Those cams seemed to be idling pretty stable for the most part around 1000rpm. In your Idle Speed Control tab there are setting there that control things like when the engine fans, power steering and AC come on. Use those settings to sort out your fans and AC.
  12. Does the bucking sound like a lean misfire? Popping? Your target Lambda at 65kpa is .95. It is oscilating between 1.04 and .98 over about 5kpa range in a very steady throttle position (out of your low boost log.)
  13. What engine is this?
  14. Rob W

    PCLink Software Issues

    Yes, at least 30 seconds. It connects ok but won't let you do anything or start any logging. Then it sometimes does a brief freeze as well. If I open another file it does the same whether it is on or off the car.
  15. Rob W

    PCLink Software Issues

    I'm finding 5.6.5 very slow to respond on start up
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