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  1. Yay, great success! Shame about the one noisy wheel speed, but you can't have everything
  2. I have a G4+ PNP and have wheels speeds available on the can bus and have setup the stream in the G4+ and there are no can errors. The wheels speeds are all in a single frame, bosch give the can protocol details: starting at position 0, 16bits each wheel, "intel" format (LS First in Link lingo I think), with 0.015625 as "factor" (divider of 65 I guess). I have set these to link to the built in wheels speed parameters. After a slow drive around the block I get no signal in the link for right rear wheel, or bits 48-63. The ABS is seeing a speed signal so I assume it is presented on the can bus. The CAN setup UI looks a bit odd with LS first byte order, it highlights the wrong bits in the view at the bottom. In this case bit 48 and bits 56-63. So if this is to be believed, it won't be reading the least significant bits 48-55. Is that a real problem with LSB/Intel byte order or just a display glitch? EDIT Ok I think I figured it out from this other thread LSB requires setting the "start" to 7th of the 16bits for each parameter, I can't make sense of that but I'll try it.
  3. AlexJ

    Help with can setup

    How did you get on with the traction control sama? I have the Bosch Motorsport ABS also and am looking into feeding the wheel speed sensors into the link over can bus.
  4. AlexJ

    CAN-EGT module

    Just found this one Mark, 8 channels EGT to CAN bus, 150 EURO! http://www.ecumaster.nl/en/accessories/8x-egt-can-bus-module.html
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