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  1. Here's the schematic from the FSM. Is this enough to say whether this would be workable?
  2. link g4+ plugin on an r32 gtr currently the factory oil temp sensor is wired to a AN Temp input and works fine. But of course now the factory oil temp gauge doesn't work. i understand that the sensor can be wired to an AN Volt instead and the factory gauge at the same time. Has anyone done this and can share the voltage vs temp calibration? Or can anyone suggest the easiest method to do the calibration? Is there a way to measure the resistance of the sensor/gauge circuit and combine that with the sensor NTC characteristic resistance vs temp curve to calculate the voltage/temp calibration?
  3. Just to update. I used this at the track yesterday and it worked perfectly. Thanks Adam
  4. fantastic! that is exactly what I'm after.
  5. I have open loop boost control setup. two duty cycle tables with a DI switching between them. I want to only run the high boost table when the DI switch is on AND in 3rd gear and above. Is it possible to use boost per gear trim for this or is there some way to combine the DI and gear as the logic to switch to the high boost DC table.
  6. Yay, great success! Shame about the one noisy wheel speed, but you can't have everything
  7. I have a G4+ PNP and have wheels speeds available on the can bus and have setup the stream in the G4+ and there are no can errors. The wheels speeds are all in a single frame, bosch give the can protocol details: starting at position 0, 16bits each wheel, "intel" format (LS First in Link lingo I think), with 0.015625 as "factor" (divider of 65 I guess). I have set these to link to the built in wheels speed parameters. After a slow drive around the block I get no signal in the link for right rear wheel, or bits 48-63. The ABS is seeing a speed signal so I assume it is presented on the can bus. The CAN setup UI looks a bit odd with LS first byte order, it highlights the wrong bits in the view at the bottom. In this case bit 48 and bits 56-63. So if this is to be believed, it won't be reading the least significant bits 48-55. Is that a real problem with LSB/Intel byte order or just a display glitch? EDIT Ok I think I figured it out from this other thread LSB requires setting the "start" to 7th of the 16bits for each parameter, I can't make sense of that but I'll try it.
  8. AlexJ

    Help with can setup

    How did you get on with the traction control sama? I have the Bosch Motorsport ABS also and am looking into feeding the wheel speed sensors into the link over can bus.
  9. AlexJ

    CAN-EGT module

    Just found this one Mark, 8 channels EGT to CAN bus, 150 EURO! http://www.ecumaster.nl/en/accessories/8x-egt-can-bus-module.html
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