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  1. OK that makes sense. But is it not possible to ground the eccs relay through a ecu gp output, like the fuel pump relay?
  2. Have wired extreme into r32 skyline factory engine loom harness. 12v to pin 45 Earths to engine block and head I have to manually ground the eccs relay wire to be able to start engine, but ignition stays on when key is off. Is there a way to ground this through the ecu? like a gp input? Also when you turn the key off, the ecu stays powered up and injectors buzz like crazy, so have to disconnect battery to stop this. Is it because I haven't wired up ecu hold power. Does anyone know what wires I need at the factory ecu plug to use this? and is a diode needed? as from factory the ecu stays powered on, so wouldn't there be a diode in the main relay or something? Any help much appreciated Cheers
  3. OK so dont run with the factory engine loom wiring. Awesome il run some wires into the engine bay. Cheers
  4. Wiring a extreme into factory r32 skyline engine loom using the very short a and b loom. Is it OK to join the 4 wires into the group earth component by factory ecu plug on loom or better to extend and run the earths sepereatly to engine. Have been following the plug in wiring diagram, it says connect to a pin on ecu plug (can't renember number) but that little earth wire seems way to small to join 4 wires to. Please help me out cheers
  5. Hi Adam You are a legend! Have updated the dwell table, awesome how link made it easy to do! sweet that sounds good. Yea don't you tune first and then turn that on? Oh right I set that low incase something goes wrong with my boost control. I put it 22psi or something so how will it cut at 8psi? Is there a calculation I don't know or? First time so would love to know. And same with RPM limit just for safety then when happy will increase 500 or more RPM. Thanks again
  6. HI everyone I have configured my ECU g4+ extreme as best as I can. Could someone please take a look over and check it all out before my next step. Mainly with my injector and coil settings. I think I have done the injectors right, but the coils I have no clue what to do as the coil data I was given doesn't make sense to the ECU dwell table. I have attached my ECU file tune and injector and coil data sheets. RB25det Injectors are Bosch 1000cc. Coils are NZEFI high energy coils. http://www.nzefi.com/wp-content/uploads/NZEFI-HEIIC-ID-0C.pdf Fuel used 98 Track/Drift car Any help much appreciated. Thanks Matt Hi Matt.docx track car tune remake offline.pclr
  7. you can you need to go into set bas timing and adjust from there
  8. all I have done is wired in lc-2 wideband controller brown wire to my aux input, pos and neg straight off battery. selected lc-1 on my aux channel, performed free air calibration. and ran engine. i have a cable that can connect controller to laptop to change settings. would i have to do that as the link only has lc-1?
  9. oh right here is map m16a jetboat 2.pclr and if you look in that same log file the wideband starts displaying halfway through which is also strange. It is a brand new wideband sensor, so I hope so, will re calibrate and have another go hopefully this weekend.
  10. I sent it as a attached email to tech support, so hopefully it will reach you?
  11. I cant send you a log file as to large is there a way to trim it down or send to you another way through email?
  12. awesome I will wait then thanks heaps
  13. do they not make the knock block anymore? was reading good reviews about the phormula ks-3 and 4. is the knocklink a reliable enough product? fast enough to pick up small signals?
  14. hi scott Yes the values in the table. I havnt been watching that, just actual to target afr. Here is my map cheers coupland suzuki 1600 sport.pcl This is actually it sorry, first one I got given, then made into this one where it idles good. went down to river left boat on trailer to tune and can not run any leaner than 11. m16a jetboat 2.pclr
  15. Gathering tools to start tuning. Anyone have or know of a knock detective device for sale? A good second hand one I'm after as budget is tight cheers.
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