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  1. Hi Dave Thank you very much and I will wait for the rest.
  2. Hi Dave What I want A1 = injecteur 1 A2 = injecteur 4 A3 = injecteur 2 A4 = Vtec Solrnoid A5 = injecteur 3 A7= Main Relay A8= Main Relay A9=idle air control valve A13=check engine A15=A/C clutch relay A21=ignition unit signal (RPM signal) A22= ignition unit (RPM) A23=main relay groung A24=ground A25=main relay (IGN) A26=Multiground B1= main relay (IGN) B2=Multiground B5=A/C switch B8=P/S Oil Pressure Switch B9=main relay B10=Vehicule Speed sensor B11=CLY 1P B12=BYL 1n B13=Top Dead center P B14= Top Dead center M B15=Crank Position sensor P B16=Crank Position sensor N D6=Vtec Pressure switch D16=Throttle Position sensor D13=Coolant Temperature Sensor D17=Map Sensor D19=map sensor V+ D20= Throttle Position sensor V+ D21=map sensor ground D22=Ground Thank You
  3. Hi Dave My Ecu honda obd1 no connector C I hope you will support me new image
  4. Hi Dave Ok Pin out my ECU image thank you
  5. Hi Simon and Dave thank Simon , Dave Yes i need "i.e A pinout of the Honda with connections to the atom listed."
  6. Help wiring link atom to honda obd1. I want pin out link atom to pin obd1 thank you
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