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  1. Hi, just got up and running with my Westfield Se Super Seven. Got great help and support from https://fvk-engineering.com/ with setup and mapping of the Link Atom+. The car is running with Opel/Vauxhall C20XE engine, bike ITB, Audi 4 channel ign module and four coils from a Opel Zafira. Original Vr and and Hall sensors are used. The car is running with TPS and MAP sensor from a Saab 9-5.
  2. Thank´s this saved a lot of time. Do you happen to have an ignition table I could use? Best regards Micael
  3. Hello, Good news, I got the engine running today. Now to the next challenge. Tuning. Is there any good read to do before starting to tune. I have an innovate wideband lambda installed and hope to be able to use auto tune. Br Micael
  4. Think I found the reason for the error. I had both ignition 1 and ignition 2 active when running distributor and single coil. Missed to restore this when changing from sequential fuel during fail search.
  5. It going forward... I have both triggers saying yes, no trgger errors. I have rpm read during cranking, it doesent show emediatley, takes a couple of seconds then about 200rpm. I even had the engine cough one time. Tested with strobe light and ignition lead for first cylinder. I had steady ignition firing cyl one. Then I stated to fiddle with settings, trigger offset aso...then no more light signal from strobe. I tried the -117 in offset. Gave up on cranking, need to charge the battery. Will give it another try tomorrow.
  6. Thanks for the help. I did just that and still no signal. Then I took a close look at my wiring and realised that I had trigger one wired with trigger two cable and vice versa. I changed this and I had signals, both from crank and from cam sensors. A clear step in the right direction. The engine did not want to start I am running a setup with ITB and will not be able to use a MAP or similar. What is the correct settings to run with only TPS, temp and RPM?
  7. Thank you for the support. I did check the trig 1 and 2 Signal, they said no. I have checked the threshld table. It was at 0.5 and I have tested different values with no luck. I have no error codes active, injector test - all injector fire ok, ign test - I get at ticking noise ok. I cant get the engine to fire. What else have I missed? The VR sensor worked fine with the Bosche motronic 2.5 ecu, so did the hall sensor for the cam pos. If I have wired them wrong, would I get an error code? Br Micael
  8. Hello, I have installed the Link system into my super seven that has an old Vauxhall C20XE engine fitted. I am running the engine with all orignal injectors, sensors and ignition. The Link system wired in. The engine has the original 60-2 with VR sensor for the crank pos and a hall sensor on the distributor. Now to my problem, I can not get a signal from the VR. It is from the Bosch motronic 2.5 setup and worked just fine before. The VR sensor and the HALL sensor both has a three wire connection. I have wired trigger 1 and trigger 2 to the signal on the sensors. sensor ground to the shield/ground. For the Hall sensor I wired +5V. What am I missing or doing wrong? When I crank the engine I can see no rpm reading.
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