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  1. i worked with that engine if you need any help feel free to contact me
  2. CAS is reading good no faults and trigger scope is ok , injectors are working siq. but spark is not work while i start the engine . when i test the ignition coil from the ignition test it work fine ! i can't find the problem
  3. it have a built in igniter when i test the ignition from the ignition test it work fine but when i start the engine it don't work .. i think it may be at the trigger setup but the rpm read right values and at run-time values window ( trig. 1 & trig. 2 & sync ) is ok and there is no fault
  4. rb25det neo all sensors read fine but spark is too weak and engine cant start all sensors read very fine no errors !!
  5. the pinout that i found at the manual ad pclink help is different from mine
  6. i have the service manual of the r34 and i found the colors and the pin places didn't match with the wiring of the car i thinks its diff. between rb25det and rb25det neo
  7. hi .. i need rb25det neo ecu pinout , al i found is for the normal rb25det not rb25det neo , does any one have the ecu pinout for it or can help ... thanks
  8. can i cancel the ign. switch DI or i must be wired & the main relay works with out that wire
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