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  1. evo

    cant connect to laptop

    I have gone over the issue with simon from tech support here in nz and basically he said ecu will need to be sent in for repair so i think maybe i will just go that route. Thanx alot for all your help cheers
  2. evo

    cant connect to laptop

    Hey dave yeah so i tried the g4 program an still same message is coming up dont no what else to try really
  3. evo

    cant connect to laptop

    I think its the older style g4 storm the blue 1 with a single plug an 1 can port and 1 usb port. I thort a g4+ ment any g4 thats like storm fury atom etc i never new there was a plain g4 storm. So i guess i have downloaded the wrong software. My bad i will try downloading the g4 software not + an see how that goes. Thanks
  4. evo

    cant connect to laptop

    Hi dave thanks for reply yes all the above checks out no yellow signal etc still when i try to connect it 'says unable to connect to the ecu but usb connection is present. Please cycle the power to the ecu. I have tryed adjusting the baud rate an connection port with cycling the power each time and still can not connect i have followed directions off other posts that have had the same issue also ive tryed uninstalling an reinstalling ive tryed multiple older versions an still no connection
  5. evo

    cant connect to laptop

    Hi there i have an evo an its running a link g4 storm and basically i can not get the laptop g4+ software to access the ecu. The laptop show that ecu is properly installed but when i go to connect it says unable to connect to ecu check power to ecu and check com port I can confirm ecu power is on and com port matches pc com port Any info is much appreciated thanks
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