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  1. Thank you very much @Richard Hill, that is very helpful, I was trying to work out how many Aux outputs I would need. This setup will be a supercharged 3uz but i do not know how to edit the post title ( if that is even possible).
  2. Sorry for not posting up for a while, the conversion is now going to use a 3uz, but almost certainly still with an Eaton Supercharger. I think the Thunder will be the ECU of choice....any thoughts on this ?
  3. Great, I have previous experience with the Storm, but am i correct in thinking the Storm does not accept fly by wire throttle ?
  4. Good morning all, We are about to start an engine swap project on a Land Rover Defender 110 where we are going to fit an early Lexus 1UZ (non vvt) with an Eaton 112 supercharger ! Has anybody on here got a 1UZ engine using Link, as we are not sure which ECU would be the most suitable. Cheers in advance Paul.
  5. Is there anymore news on this app for the G4+ Storm, sound like a great idea ?
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