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  1. That's what I was afraid of, so frustrating not having access to my own ecu.
  2. Recently had the car tuned, got it back and the ECU is locked. This was not discussed before the work was done, and I have never had anyone lock my ecu before. I've spoken to the workshop about it, and I was told it is locked so that others can't learn their tuning techniques. I even asked if I could some sort of contract written up saying I won't modify the tune or show anyone else, but I was just ignored. I like to fiddle with little things on the ecu, nothing that has anything to do with the tuning, as I don't know enough to tune it, but little things that won't do any damage. I am unable to do that now, and after spending a couple thousand dollars on a tune, I would expect to be able to have some sort of access to my cars ecu. Apart from the little things I want to look at and fiddle with, there are quiet a few things that need changing/adjusting on the car. The workshop has said I am able to drive to the workshop (40 mins away), and they will change it, but the rare time I have available is usually late of a night, or on the weekends. I even arranged a time on the weekend, drove all the way there, and was told they were too busy to help. The main concerns I'm needing at the moment are; - Wideband is switched off, so some safety features aren't working and need it back on - Cruising map is really bad down low, undriveable below 2k rpm - IACV kept opening and closing, so rpm was moving too much on idle. I had to try adjusting the BISS close to what I though the idle what set too, and now idles much better, but still prefer to have it set correctly. So is there anyway of getting my ecu unlocked, as the workshop will not help, and I can't afford to have it tuned by another workshop for a while.
  3. Bumblebee

    Quick Tuning

    Thanks Simon. I do sit on a few cells and get some locked in, then upload it to the ECU. I'll also try closed loop way as well.
  4. Bumblebee

    Quick Tuning

    Can I drive around with auto quick tuning on to adjust the cruise map to the way I drive? So if I turn off Overrun and off Closed Loop, then cruise around for about an hour with auto tune on, will this be good for my cruise map? Or do I have to have someone in the passenger seat and make me go to every cell?
  5. Bumblebee

    Data Logging

    So there isn't a way to cut and edit the log file, to only save the section I want?
  6. Bumblebee

    Data Logging

    I have a data log I need to email to my tuner, but it is too large of a file. How do I make the file smaller? There is only a small section of the log that I want to send my tuner, not needing the whole file.
  7. Bumblebee


    Ahh cheers, will give that a go. Hopefully this won't effect the car, don't think anything runs from the speed.
  8. Bumblebee


    I don't have the Chassis Body section
  9. Bumblebee


    I have an IQ3 wired up to my dash, everything works except for the speed. I have tried getting advice from the Racpak forum, but no help. CAN setting: Data Rate = 1MBPS, Channel = ID1000, Transmit Rate = 20Hz. My speed is under Speed (DI #3) on the ecu, but EFI Speed in DataLink just displays 0
  10. I just spoke to my tuner, he said the board must not accept any more digital inputs. Does anyone know what the board accepts from the extension cable? I just checked the +5V wire, and has 5v on it.
  11. I have wired the xs loom to my ecu to do the handbrake activation, but can't see the digital input active. I have the EVO IX plug and play ecu, wired the grey wire to the handbrake switch, went to Digital inputs, but doesn't display the D9 or D10 from the xs loom I just plugged in.
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