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  1. shrug

    RB TPS Issues

    Anyone else come across RB20 / series one 25 tps always coming back to a different closed throttle position from not being sprung? Had this issue on two cars now albeit it both with aftermarket throttle bodies, one owner did try epoxying it to the shaft of the throttle body but didn’t make any difference, keeps putting ecu into decel from seeing closed throttle on partial throttle (just off idle low rpm cruising) then no decel from seeing like 1-3% throttle next time u open and close it. Anyone know any spring return tps that use the shaft design to ditch these horrible things? Both tps are both brand new genuine Nissan ones too so not faulty tps causing the issues.
  2. Oh safe as then, nothing to worry about I’ll grab it.
  3. Yes I know this, but people buy them for projects and never use them hence making sure it’s actually had a code issued. Can’t be bothered going threw the hassle of trying to get it and prove purchase etc. Being at the other end of the country I’d rather check than end up with a paperweight.
  4. Looking to see if this storm has had a unlock code issued before I buy it. Serial 3438 Thank you.
  5. shrug

    S15 plugin retailer.

    Oh awesome, he must of made contact with them to get the code, Saves me the hassle. Hopefully he brings it to me in the morning then. Thank you amazing customer service as always.
  6. shrug

    S15 plugin retailer.

    Had a customer buy a link and not keep the email for the unlock code, would you please be able to tell me the dealer for serial 02814 so I can contact them to re-send the ecu unlock code please thanks
  7. Ah duh, I didn't read that bit looking for it I went threw the help menu... Always the simple stuff you look past lol, I was trying to use ctrl like most other programs to multiple select things.
  8. ah yeah I tried to find it under help too but couldn't see it.. too used to using the g4+ software where I can just highlight what I want and couldn't figure out how to select area's on the g4 software. Thank you
  9. I was wondering if you can select multiple load cells on the fuel and timing map like on the g4+ on the g4? Only thing I haven't sorted how to do on the older software, can only select columns rather than area's in the map... If not could this maybe be a simple upgrade to be release for the g4 tuning software?
  10. shrug


    I’m having issues with a old v1/2 possumlink to where as the car will only start with a hand controller plugged in, is this normal? had heaps of cars with possumlinks and never have any of them had a hand controller yet I put this in a car and it won’t start without having a controller plugged in what isn’t ideal since the controller is borrowed. Thanks also how much is a laptop tuneable chip?
  11. shrug

    G4 knock block

    Awesome thanks for the info. Just trying to decide if I buy it or not, I’ll see if I can track down these plugs and grab it if so.
  12. shrug

    G4 knock block

    I’m looking at buying a second hand knock block, trouble is it’s missing the looms. is it possible to purchase looms or does anyone know what style plugs the unit uses so I can try find them to buy and make a loom for it. Thank you
  13. shrug

    Knock block

    Hey all, I’ve been trying to source a knock block but they seem to be on back order for the past couple months. Anyone know of there is anywhere that has one available or some form of other product that is similar? Thanks
  14. shrug

    Deadtimes base maps.

    pretty sure most of the Honda's use the 240cc injectors in the vtec range. everywhere I look has completely different deadtimes for them so its getting rather frustrating. might just throw them out and put a set of evo injectors in it
  15. shrug

    Deadtimes base maps.

    Is the deadtimes that come with plugin base maps suited to the factory injectors? I’m struggling to find reliable deadtimes, it all seems to be conflicting information regarding these injectors and everyone has different deadtimes listed.
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