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  1. Hi Scott & Simon, Refer to the above mention, I have received ECU send back by Link and install back to the car everything work fine, only the fuel gauge is still not working correctly, it only drop quarterly. as mention above, in order to make the Altezza fuel gauge work correctly, we need to change the fuel equation mode to moderate. I have send my car to my tuner, we tested once we switch to moderate mode we can't start the car, like no fuel supply to the engine. My tuner ask me to check with link and request for a based map with moderate fuel equation mode setting. My current Spec as below Stock Engine 3SGE G1 with Greddy Trust Turbo Kit Warbo Fuel Pump Work Stage 1 Fuel regulator set at 4 psi Sard 530cc Injector dead time 1.10 m sec parts no 63516 changed stock O2 Sensor to Bosch wide band sensor with Depo controller Sard 68c thermostat Can I have your Email Address so I can send your my current based map and some of my log file. Many Thanks. Joseph Yong Email josephyong@live.com
  2. Raediyusof, that is 2 connector on the sensor one is 12V the other is 5V Signal output should connect to your ECU an volt input the sensor body is ground.
  3. HI Scott, I have send back my ECU as per NZ Customs term, you should receive it within this 2 days.
  4. Hi, I have done the registration to send back my ecu as per the info your given, do I need to wait for any confirmation before I send back?
  5. Thanks for the info, when I switch the VVTI aux pin to other aux output and config the selected aux output to VVTI will the ecu know that I have move the pin ? Do I need to perform any other setting for my VVTI pin relocated?
  6. Noted with thanks. Will arrange to send back around next week.
  7. Thanks Scott. I can arrange to send back my ecu for firmware upgrade anytime, can you provide me the address? Since I'll send you the ECU will you be able to help me set the modelled fuel equation setting base on my current ecu setting? Will get my tuner to tune once you return my ECU.
  8. Hi can anyone provide me some info? I am using G4+ Altezza Plug in ECU, and I have replace my E-throttle body with aftermarket throttle body, and now wanted to add a ISC device to control my idle, may I know which ISC should I choose? 2 Wire or 3 wire ? And my AUX 1&2 currently is set for VVTI control can I use other AUX to wire on the 3 wire ISC?
  9. Hi Simon, I would like to check with u, is the new firmware solve the Altezza Fuel gauge issue? If not can you give me some guideline so I can arrange with my tuner.
  10. Joseph Yong

    New firmware

    Hi, need to check if I upgraded my ecu firmware will it effected my existing setting ? Do I need to tune my car again?
  11. Hi Simon, I can only try on the setting part, and dyno I Can't make it cause my tuner is busy till after Chinese New Year.
  12. Hi Simon, No problem for me to perform any testing, if you willing to provide me a detail guidance.
  13. Hi Scott, my setting now is traditional fuel equation mode.
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