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  1. have just installed r35 gtr coils into my rb26 and looking to setup the dwell table. The suggested dwell settings below which I have set into my dwell table I understand, however im not too sure what they should taper down to at higher rpm? also is it worth increasing the dwell at low rpm to aid with starting? map file attached r35 coils fitted dwell.pcl
  2. Ok cheers Adam. Just to confirm that the resistor is to be tee'd between the 5v supply and return signal like below? Shame this can't be done internally through the ecu
  3. Rather than start another topic I thought I’d just continue on here. I decided to upgrade the gt101 sensors to the more popular cherry hall sensors now. Just wondering whether these will be happy off the 5v supply that I was running to the gt101’s or if they need a 12v supply? And if so where would be best to get that from? (It’s an v88 plug-in r32 gtr) cheers dan
  4. yeah im using the gt101's because that's what I ran with the old kit, but I had hot start issues with the old style triggers. have synced up the new triggers now and the hot starting has improved massively
  5. Thanks Adam, reason I ask is I'm sure I read somewhere that the g101 sensors were more accurate when set to rising edge on the crank and falling on the cam or vice versa. So just wanted to confirm.
  6. Hey guys so I'm currently running an early Ross trigger kit on my rb26 and have one of their new kits coming which is a better design as per the pic. The early kit has 12 pointed teeth on the crank, the new one has square edged teeth, and the old cam trigger had an indent, where as the new one has a tooth. Using gt101 sensors. Just looking for for what settings I should use on this, ie rising edge or falling edge on crank/cam? Cheers dan
  7. Ok thanks guys I will get another log of it when it takes longer to fire up. That was probably not the best example also im unable to adjust the height of the sensors as they are preset in the mounting brackets that they are supplied with (ross performance)
  8. try this I think this is one of the logs I did a little while back Log 9-03-19 12;00;24 pm.llg
  9. I’m running a ross 12-1 trigger setup on my rb26 and have issues with cranking time. She doesn’t fire up straight away and cranks over for approx 5 seconds before firing up. It’s a 12 tooth crank trigger and 1 indent cam trigger. Ross have since changed the design of the cam trigger to a tooth rather than indent, not sure if this would make any difference?
  10. I've been looking for a windows tab with x2 USB ports with a 7" screen but no luck.. (needs to be around 7" to fit into the factory centre console). Has anyone got any links to someone who makes one with 7" screen and x2 USB?
  11. So how will I know which tablets have bios? im going to purchase a tablet but struggling to find one that has 2 USB ports AND 7" screen. Might have to get a single USB and then use an adaptor, I've seen ones that have 1 micro usb female and 2 normal size USB female ports, not sure wether connecting these into one single USB port on the tablet will allow for charging and comms together? (I was under the impression that a single USB port can transfer data and charge from more than one input source on a single port?)
  12. Thanks for the info. Regarding the type of windows, is there one in particular to look for that will have them options for the powering up?
  13. Ok that's not a problem I can get a twin USB laptop and use an adaptor for the charging, the main concern is getting it to turn on and off with ignition. I'm guessing this can be done via changing the settings on windows? Was looking through threads on here where people have done it but no mention on whether they have to manually turn it on/off or get it to operate with ignition
  14. I was playing with this a while back and gave up trying to get it to work. I got as far as buying a cheap windows tablet and connecting it to the Ecu, installing the software and testing it, however couldn't suss out how to get it to charge from the ecu via the USB, or how to get the tablet to power up and down with ignition on/off. My ecu is a v88 plugin. Am I wasting my time? A guy on Facebook recently had a tablet installed to his G4+ to do the above but not sure how this was achieved? thanks dan
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