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  1. mikegt4dude

    G4x Base map

    Hi, Had a play around, there are a lot of changes that please me. Just wondering if Modelled Multi and Motorsport Traction control will return in a later version?
  2. Hi, I've been working on a solution with a micro controller connected over canbus to make various calculations about what the car is intended to be doing vs what it's actually doing based on wheels speed, accelerometer, which I can concur is very complicated to even arrive at a predictable result. Even if all goes well, we're still talking 1/10ths difference in consistency (not ability) compared to a good driver in an analog car. This is only straight line stuff too, the very last thing you ever want to encounter is a power cut when wheels break loose in a 4wd, IMO.
  3. Choose MAF for Accel Load Axis, Accel/Wakeup load correction column values 0 - 200 for Air per Cylinder Measured (g/cyl) no use to anyone, perhaps a range of 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0,6...2.0 would be suitable Cheers team! Merry Xmas
  4. Hi I set closed loop idle control gains very very soft so it doesn't oscillate over-under-over-under and it means that when I change the Target RPM it's very slow to get to the new RPM, it seems anything I set in the 3D tables have no immediate effect on the output DC% and purely calculates on the PID. Not a major but wondering if this has ever been noted and perhaps revised for next firmware?
  5. I think we're getting somewhere, hey thanks for your help as always Adam this is freakin awesome!
  6. This is what I'm trying to do with the accelerometer to get back an estimated non driven speed on a 4wd, thoughts?
  7. Hmmm this has turned from crap to crap ... Gonna try -90 now Here is Mister Thunder's flat centre mounted passenger side facing
  8. Riiiiiiight, Orientation correction is what I'm missing all along, the CAN value should be fine once I sort this. So it says if the pin header is facing the front of the car it should be zero, I have it above the tunnel mounted flat just behind the ABS sensor (fluked a good choice) but the pin header is 90 deg CCW of the front of the car, Not sure what value that should equate to but it takes 180 max Okay, I just realised it takes -180 as well, so ECU pin header facing passenger side, the front of the car should be 90deg CW in relation to the ECU so I'm guessing that's what I should put
  9. Just thought on it a bit further, the reason it's -30 is so if it wanted to display -30 it would send 0, Now I just need to know which direction is which
  10. Thanks Adam, To be honest I had not checked Test calculator but now that I look at it, I see why I needed * 0.001 - 30. Over CAN I'm only getting a positive number out and I can't tell whether it's forward or backward. On the ECU, Forward acceleration shows as negative and braking force shows as positive I'm not sure if this is correct but I've done a leveling calibration before and no change to that. Stored in ECU with: ECU Resolution = 0.001 G ECU Width (bits) = 16 Display Offset = 30 G Minimum = -10 G Maximum = 10 G
  11. Hi I'm trying to get Longitudinal acceleration from CAN, wondering if negative numbers are expressed with a trailing bit or something? The values I'm getting have an extra 30 on them, does this have anything to do with expressing negative?
  12. Yup you can now trim your fuel back to 0.86 lambda now. Yup David that cold ignition advance table also had a good effect But mostly that injection timing, I couldn't get my car up that hill in that driveway at the old house until around 40c otherwise haha
  13. Hi, These are my first impressions too, this table here helped clear it up for me. credit to David V for his testing and ideas.
  14. Doesn't turning the screen off also put windows into sleep mode? My tablet can't separate the two as a laptop/desktop would
  15. Hi Cozcorners; I've noticed that too, sometimes if I download the log (I use quick view) without deleting it, say it might be 36 minutes long, If I check on it again, sometimes it adds to it just fine to a point where it appears to be full and is over-writing earliest entries (which is fine or to be expected), BUT other times it goes to 2 minutes of garbage and then 0:00 and gets stuck there and never adds any legitimate data to the log. Always the fix seems to be to f*** around in the settings and try and keep the total logging usage to 30% and make sure you get in there before 36 minutes of log and make sure you delete is the most important part. Hi Adam, Will do. PS. Just to re-iterate, On my Fury I can do anything the software lets me do/click on and it all functions as it should and I use the same Laptop, same software install on both cars.
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