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  1. DI handbrake shared with dash lamp

    Hi I'm using my handbrake switch as a launch control input and I'm wanting to connect my dashboard lamp back to the switch, should I add two diodes so the lamp power doesn't upset ECU? Or not necessary? Cheers
  2. st205 with cop conversion rev counter?

    Interesting. After a bit of private discussion, I pulled apart the Gen3 and Beams tachos, Here is the resistance I measured (White is Beams)
  3. st205 with cop conversion rev counter?

    I have the same car and conversion and have already wired up an Aux Output Tacho Out to the interior connector that previously took an IG- splice, it's working flawlessly without ever touching a resistor. What is the purpose of touching resistors? Is something going to burn up? Or did I just luck out by having a facelift cluster from a Beams version that already has coilpacks?
  4. Mixture Map CL Lambda correction

    +1 Would it be possible for mixture map to subtract CL lambda corr% if it doesn't already or otherwise some way to prevent CL lambda from carrying a massive correction into the next cell and putting out the measured lambda by the precise amount of the CL lambda corr% from previous cell. An option to disable CL Lambda Corr% to 0.00 during Accel Enrich would be very helpful as nomatter how much decay and accel enrich you add, there is always a lean spike. CL Lambda reacts late and delivers a useless rich spike as there is no decimal in the Gain value, 2 is too little, 3 is too much. 2.1-2.9 might be nice to try if possible.
  5. Additional boost trim tables

    +1 on this Hi, I'm finding that using a Rotary switch to have multiple boost targets hampers my creativity on the tables as inherently 2 out of 4 axis go byebye and Engine speed is kinda necessary so that makes it just 1 axis free to play with, and when you have flex fuel that rules out using the 2nd set of maps The thing I had in mind is that using a Compressor speed sensor to control conditions like surge or transient response should really use a WGDC modification as a first port of call before a GP limiter Also related, Why can't you select Turbo RPM on DI channels 11-16 with the higher 6.5kHz like the manual suggests but the software dropdown box does not? Cheers Mike
  6. Graphical bug no XY plot points displayed

    This is really weird, I re-created my XY plot this morning and voila it worked! The only thing I did different was I re-saved the layout for you last night, which I hadn't done in a while. I just assumed it saved it in the default file automatically for you every time you exit like it seemed to do in the older G4 software.
  7. Graphical bug no XY plot points displayed

    Sorry, thought that's where it saved its settings heh, it's this one Unnamed Layout.llf
  8. Graphical bug no XY plot points displayed

    Log 2017-07-23 12;40;28 pm.7z DefaultLayout.llf Another quirk too is that you'll see I made a mixture map 2 page for my E85 table but it always falls back to Fuel Table 1 it has to be set to Fuel Table 2 every time before updating Mixture Map MikeMan 2017-07-27 - New.pclr
  9. Graphical bug no XY plot points displayed

    Hi, I'm trying to plot my boost curve and colour it with Lambda 1, just like the stock display in the older G4 software. I'm having difficulty with some kind of bug where nomatter what I do no dots display. If by odd chance I wipe the window and make a new XY plot and dots do display, the colour settings tab wont accept Lambda 1 colouring, it just buggers off when I press OK and then get back into Properties it's not there anymore. Does this have to do with using older laptop hardware and Windows 10? Cheers Mike
  10. [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    Hey guys, Any chance we could get Closed Loop PID on Walter's kit? Fuel Pump Speed Control on G4+ Rev1.1.pdf
  11. high output from spare inj channel only 1v

    Thank you Adam that's a relief, been chasing my own tail on the wiring since last night from this one thing. Cheers
  12. high output from spare inj channel only 1v

    Hi I have INJ8 set as starter solenoid high, Trying to figure out why I'm only getting 1v from the output and not enough to trip the relay and start the engine. Engine starts and runs if I manually bridge the power in the relay's socket. Is there a limitation that Injector channels can't be switched to 14v? Should I rewire it as a negative output, move the pin to an aux channel, or search for an error in my wiring? Thanks Mike
  13. +5v from plug D for functions on plug A/B

    Thanks for taking the time Adamw, Happy Easter to you. One more, does the same also apply to GND OUT ? I've commited murder on my Plug A GND out in order to keep DI 1 & 2 & 3 (flex+fuelp) and AN1,2,3,4 all together with the handful provided for MAP, TPS,ECT,IAT, yet plug B's GND OUT is only common to AN-(high numbers) so it only ends up providing for TEMP 3&4
  14. +5v from plug D for functions on plug A/B

    Is it okay to use the +5v from plug D for functions on plug A/B? the +5v wire on plug A is a bit crowded
  15. 2 vsvs on a single output okay

    Hi I want to run an engine air bypass vsv in addition to the exhaust air bypass solenoid off a single AL solenoid output, can the low side driver handle this? One is an OEM AC idle up valve, the other is a MAC solenoid