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  1. Allegedly they will have this fixed in some firmware update. Someday.
  2. Where are things at in general with a release of an update? It has been longer than a year.
  3. @Adamw@Simon Any update on this? This is almost a year old now, and PCLink has not gotten an update in 10 months now.
  4. @Bram Did you make any progress with controlling a DCCD? If so, how did you go about wiring it up?
  5. whiteradam

    Graph Issue PC Link

    @Scott, Any idea what version of OpenGL is now used? Virtual Box and Parallels seem to be stuck on OpenGL 2.1 but it looks like with Fusion 8, VMware has moved up to OpenGL 3.3. Just want to find out if 2.1 is good enough and I just need to play with the drivers some, or if it is back to Fusion I go to see if it works.
  6. whiteradam

    Graph Issue PC Link

    I get the same thing but I am using a Windows 7 VM running in Virtual Box on a Mac. I just assumed it was related to that.
  7. i would like to see what you came up with.
  8. Scott, Thanks, I will take a look at this when I get the unit powered up. adam
  9. Maybe this is already possible and I have just not found it yet, but is there a way to use the internal accelerometer in the Thunder as a roll over switch of a sort? Not sure if it can either respond to a specific amount of extreme acceleration in known "bad" directions or excessive amounts of (de)cceleration (hitting an immovable object) or if it can act as a gyroscope as well and known if the car goes inverted that it should shutdown the engine and fuel pumps. adam
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