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  1. Dan

    G4+ Thunder OBD-II

    Just looking at a screenshot from one of your previous posts. Should the iso standard be 15765-4 not 15764-4?
  2. Dan

    G4+ Thunder OBD-II

    Excellent, that's great news. Cheers Scott.
  3. Dan

    G4+ Thunder OBD-II

    Would it be possible to add additional parameters with a firmware update? It would be great to be able to create a set of custom PIDs. Do you know if the EGT parameter will ever be added to the obd stream?
  4. Dan

    G4+ Thunder OBD-II

    Thanks for checking, much appreciated. In that case I might keep the plx egt modules and use the analogue egt outputs for data logging on the ecu.
  5. Dan

    G4+ Thunder OBD-II

    Can anyone confirm if the EGT parameter is available via the can bus obd? Thanks in advance, Dan
  6. Dan

    G4+ Thunder OBD-II

    Oh ok great. At the moment I have PLX EGT gauges which I'm using with a imfd to USB cable which is connected to my Android unit. I would like to wire the egt probes directly to the thunder ecu thermocouple inputs so I can datalog then use the obd output for the display. This would make for a much cleaner install.
  7. Dan

    G4+ Thunder OBD-II

    Hi, Please can you advise on the OBD-II PIDs available on the thunder ecu? I would like to use my Android headunit to display AFR, EGT, ECT, IAT and STFT if possible? It would be great if you could programme your own PIDs :-) Cheers, Dan
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