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  1. updated my firmware and sorted cyclic idle issue, values now where I want them, now to adjust my three charts
  2. thanks Scott, Am I right in saying I set up my cyclic idle first, I was going to set my idle to 20%, then set my lower cyclic to 21% and upper cyclic to 26%, Also when I go and turn on the anti-lag in the anti-lag menu on pc-links there is no option for setting cyclic idle % I was then going to set up my anti-lag as follows ·Anti-Lag System Arming = Always ON·Cyclic Idle Mode = Always ON·AL Enable RPM = 3000 RPM·AL Enable TP = 60% in the help menu for the Anti-Lag Retard Table / Ign Retard Mode, Anti-Lag Fuel Correction Table, Anti-Lag Ignition Cut Tables there is example values (iv attatched) would I be safe to map it to these figures. Is there a lot more to setting up anti-lag than this or am I way off, thanks I'm doing my anti-lag the GrpN way using throttle plate to bleed air when opening my throttle screw to achieve 20% opening where do I view this? is it the TP% gauge, I was just fooling around with it last night and when I moved the screw and looked at % the revs were very high and I was only at 8% Thanks
  3. thanks Scott, is there a lot to mapping the Ant-lag?
  4. Hi Scott, pull up resistor, should I have it to on or off? Thanks
  5. perfect thanks, ya when I go into DI6 it says GP Input, is this the best DI to use or should I use another? sorry for all the questions just want to be sure I'm right Thanks
  6. Thanks Simon, when I go into pc link I see that DI6 is free, will I just cut the wire going into the ecu for DI6 and wire it through a switch to ground, and let the man maping it do the rest? Thanks
  7. Hey Lads, just looking for some help wiring my anti-lag through a switch, its a 1997 Evo 4, do I just choose a direct input into the ecu? do I cut the wire going into the ecu and run it through a switch going to ground, or am I completely wrong? All help greatly appreciated
  8. cool thanks, I was a ford technician for 11yrs and loved learning new info and going on courses, mapping always intrigued me, so that my new project, like one question I have on the main page the section with all the numbers, what do these represent? probably a stupid question sorry
  9. Hey guys, just wondering, how does one learn to map ecu's? I have the program on my laptop but would like to know how to use the software, from the basic right up to an in-depth knowledge of full maps. can anyone help? Thanks
  10. Rallylad

    Link G4 Evo 4

    don't like confrontation, any how just looking for a bit of advice, Thanks guys
  11. Rallylad

    Link G4 Evo 4

    id rather not say, I dot want to wrong anyone, brand new build from a road car to rally car, didn't drive it before getting it mapped
  12. Rallylad

    Link G4 Evo 4

    Perfect thanks, do you reckon I have a mapping issue so, seams she's running too lean, that's crazy heat is it not?
  13. Rallylad

    Link G4 Evo 4

    Hi Simon, thanks for reply, I fully rebuilt the engine for my first rally I ran the ecu with no antilag to give everything a chance to bed in, so it was melting hoses its antilag off, does that ecu have flatshift?
  14. Rallylad

    Link G4 Evo 4

    Hi guys, I have a link G4 ecu in my evo 4? Two questions 1- is there a lot of work turning on and setting up anti-lag and launch control 2- I got the ecu mapped, now after 1minute of idling the engine is relatively cold (normal temp) and the exhaust manifold is extremely hot, when driving a rally stage the heat from the turbo down pipe is melting the inter cooler pipe in front of it with heat thanks
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