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  1. Hi I have just connected up the ISC stepper motor on the LS1 it is a 4 wire type. Is there any way of testing that it is working before taking the vehicle to the dyno. I don't want to waste their time and my money if every thing hasn't been tested first. Also not sure if the oxygen sensors are giving me the correct voltages. One is reading 0.005v and the other is reading 0.000v. I have used the standard Holden wiring for these. Do I need to change these wires to screened cables? I haven't tried to start the motor yet. Also I have fitted a fuel pressure sensor. It is reading 7.1 psi at zero how do I calibrate this? Cheers Wockie
  2. Hi Can Pin " B17 Shield / Gnd" and Pin "B22 GNd Out" Be used for the same sensor grounds as Pin A24?
  3. Hi can you please tell me what pin "A24 Gnd out" is used for on the Storm Black.
  4. Hi I am setting up my Link ecu. It is a Storm Black. I'm setting it up for wasted spark. I wish to use ignition drive 7 as a GP output to drive a reverse inhibit solenoid on the gearbox so it will energise if Vehicle speed is <8.0kph and RPM is >800. Where do you select the polarity for this output? I have set up these conditions but is it active high or low if it is not a selectable parameter. The other ignition drive outputs that I have configured for the engine fans and ecu hold relay, these parameters allow me to select the polarity. cheers Wockie
  5. Hi Scott I might try it using the +8v first and if it doesn't work I will change it to +12v. It shouldn't do any harm. Do you have a .pcl file for a LS1.
  6. http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=127/prd127.htm Try this link it maybe what you are looking for.
  7. Have you put any more thought into this topic? No one else has commented on it. One more question: when setting up ecu hold you recommend in the help pages to power up the ecu on the bench first and configure the ecu hold output first so not to damage the diode. To power up ecu on the bench, is putting a +12v to the +14v red pin and a negative to any of the ground terminals sufficient or does it require a ground to all the ground pins.
  8. In the Holden Gen 3 V8 Engine Management Manual, It shows the crank and cam position sensors have a +12v supply. Is this a regulated supply or will a connection from the battery through the ignition switch be sufficient? What is the best way to connect these sensors up? The original wiring loom was not shielded wires. Do I need to change them to shielded wires? Is there a way to check what type of sensors these are on my LS1 motor. I have added a copy of the document on the crank and cam sensor I am using as a reference. Crank and Cam.doc
  9. Wockie

    I/O table for LS1

    Another Question: Shared inputs: With the Storm (Analog volt 2), if used. does this mean that digital input 4 cannot be used? and vica versa. Does this apply to the Storm (Black)
  10. Wockie

    I/O table for LS1

    Simon Thanks for that. My coils have 4 wires going to each coil pack. +12v, Power Gnd, ign signal and signal gnd. The ignitor is inside the coil pack. so do you mean I can parallel up coil ign signal wires 1&5, 2&6,3&7,4&8 Simon I worded that wrong If firing order is 18726543 do I parallel up 1&6, 8&5, 7&4, 2&3 wires that come from ecu ign 1 to 4 outputs and go to the coil pack ref signals
  11. Wockie

    I/O table for LS1

    Thanks for that Simon. Can you please give me info on wasted spark. Will one Link storm (black) output drive two LS1 coils. Can you show me a circuit diagram for hooking them up.
  12. Wockie

    I/O table for LS1

    Hi Can you send me a copy of an i/o table for an ls1. I have tried to design mine and seem to run out of aux outputs. This ls1 is going into a nissan silvia s14. I will require speedo and tachometer. It's a shame the idle stepper uses 4 outputs.
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