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  1. Hello everyone, I bought a G4 thunder a while ago and never got to install it yet because of the whole fabrication that I am doing on the car and soon it will be the time to install the ECU in! In the mean time I would like to know if it would be possible to have a base map for the VQ35HR, the only one pertaining to the VQ35 is the DE version. The HR has twin DBW throttle body. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently looking at the new G4+ Thunder due to his new twin DBW capability. There is one quick question that I would like to ask is if the ECU is compatible with the Vq35HR (350z 2007-2009). Which looks to be 10 teeth 2 missing ( 10-2-10-2-10-2 ) on the flywheel. I downloaded the software but it only mention VQ35, I suppose its the first gen of them but the HR looks different. Thank you for your time !
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