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  1. Effect of throttle stop on TPS calibration

    Thanks guys. I think you are right just leave the calibration for now. But I will back it up incase I ever do it. ClintBHP good spotting on the mk2. Yea gives me somthing to do at nights.
  2. Hi guys, I had my car tuned late last year and it is going great. When the tune was done the idle was a little low around 500 RPM. We left if as we did not have the tools to wind up the mechanical idle stop. (I am not running any kind of idle control valve). I can achieve a good idle at about 2% throttle. If I wind up the mechanical stop to the point where it is idling nicely (2% throttle) and re-calibrate the throttle will it put the tune out as now the old 2% throttle has become 0%. I understand the 100% position will remain unchanged. As it is running ITB's and the load axis is the TPS, will this cause me some issues in the low percent throttle areas or are the differences so small that it does not matter? Thanks
  3. ECU errors with log files

    No luck with (5.6.1), I have emailed ya. Thanks for having a look. Here's hoping I have done something wrong.
  4. ECU errors with log files

    Hi Scott, just tried the factory reset, still no good. I just get the first error. I might just have to hide a laptop under the seat to get some good log info.
  5. ECU errors with log files

    P.S found out how to save my layouts, I see it was right in front of me.
  6. ECU errors with log files

    Scott my ECU serial is 22855, a couple years old I guess but has only done about 20 hours work, sat in the box for a while, Simon I tried the update, still no help only now I only seam to get error 1 and can not move on to the log file manager at all. On the update process, is there a way to keep my PC link layout/setup. I get all of the resolutions and gauges the way I want and then every time I update the software they are gone again. I really appreciate your help. Cheers
  7. ECU errors with log files

    Hi has any one had these errors before and know how to sort it out. I never had them before my last firmware update, not sure if something has gone wrong in the update. When trying to retrieve a log file from the ECU the first time to try I get error 1, if I try again it normally lets me progress to the log file manager, I then get error 2 and am unable to see the log file. I can sometimes download the log file if I play with the start/finish times that I am trying to download. Here's hoping there is not some kind of corrupt memory in the ECU. ECU is a Atom g4+ MainCode Firmware
  8. Naturally aspirated ITB Tuning

    Excellent, thanks Scott.
  9. Naturally aspirated ITB Tuning

    Hi Guys, I have looked and can not find a thread so let me know if this is a double up. I have a 2.0 ford pinto engine running ITB's and have found tuning using the TPS the best option. The MAP senor was just way too inconsistent. Now that I have it running on the TPS should I be looking to change all of the maps AFR, ign etc to be driven from the TPS as well? I am eventually going to take it into a local tuner to get a descent tune but it was never run in and has been sitting for 8 years. I just want to get it running and loosened up first. Cheers Jono,