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  1. Ah I see, haha and even had to get my flatmate to double check to see if i was colourblind when looking at these 2 wires, must be a hiccup with mine then, but ah in that case I now know exactly where ive gone wrong and will rectify first thing in the morning, Cheers for that Scott!
  2. Hi guys, Am new here and justing seeking a bit of advice on a couple things, first off am trying to use the lc2 wideband for the lambda reading on G4+ atom ecu. im using AN V2 for this input. V1 is the External MAP sensor and V3 is TPS. So have calibrated the sensor and installed as per the lc2 destruction manual and using the lc1 calibration table in the link program, (exact same scale as the lc2) but am just getting a 'low' lambda reading between .506 and .510 which leads me to believe something isnt working, in open air there should be a high lambda reading right? The thing I felt most dubious about was the AN V2 wire used, in the I/O table its says its a white/brown wire, but there are two of them, one above the other by the looks of it, I used the lower one as this is all the link wiring diagram makes reference to. (I believe im using loom b as provided by link if that helps at all). But any suggestions as to where ive gone wrong would be great thanks!
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