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  1. Well, the cause has been narrowed down. I was advised this morning that there are visible solders on the board that are burnt. The board's being sent to a specialist to see how much to repair...
  2. Thanks for the reply, the screenshot's a BIG help as to what and where to look for. I'll keep you posted; if any other ideas come up don't hesitate...
  3. Hi all, I used the search function but couldn't find my particular issue. I've been running a Link G2 in my Canadian daily-driver 2000 Impreza 2.5RS reliably without issue since about 2008. Last Thursday when getting ready to make my way to work, she just refused to fire up (cranking over, but nothing else). I checked over everything I could and got stumped, so had it delivered to the shop I trust I've been dealing with for years (for things I can't fix myself). Ironically, once at the shop she fired right up They were able to narrow down the issue but not the cause yet. What it's boiled down to is that: When the key is in the start/crank position, there is no power to the fuel pump and no injector pulse. When the key's in the on/run position, there's power. To thicken the plot, this is also happening intermittently. My car's been at the shop cause for almost a week now (they don't want to give it back just to end up stranded somewhere) as they're still checking and testing things. New main relay has been installed and there's power at the ignition when cranking. Yesterday I was told it might be the computer itself, but they still want to test. Is my G2 tired from being used in a daily-driver setup, or could there still be something else?
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