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  1. Legend. They've popped up now. Thank you kindly!
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply and offer AdamW. Guess I've just learnt something the hard way! The below x6 would be great: Coolant Temperature (An Temp 1) IAT (AN Temp 2) Oil Pressure (AN Volt 5) MAP Sensor (AN Volt 1) Fuel Pressure (AN Volt 6) Ethanol Content (DI5) + AFR/Global Knock/Voltage on the chance there's more space... Thank you. - Jason 190803 Tune.pclr
  3. Hi, I've recently picked up a GaugeArt Canbus gauge. However, it's the Haltech version... Upon connecting to the gauge, Link G4+ is not showing as an ecu option, only, you guessed it, Haltech. Is there a way to configure the CAN output to suit this scenario? Appreciate any guidance. Thanks, Jason
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Adam. Car had a G4 + G4 KnockBlock prior, have reused the shielded cable from the previous install.
  5. Hopefully a quick wiring question... G4+ Plugin Subaru v5/6 STi and a Bosch Wideband Knock sensor. Understand polarity is not important. Signal is currently connected to B136-26. Am i better off connecting shielded earth to B136-29 or via the XS Loom? Thanks in advance. Jay
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