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  1. Appreciate your input Adam, I'll try those changes next outing and see how it goes.
  2. Hi all, V1/2 g4+ plugin ecu, 05 wrx knock sensor in standard location, ej257 with v3 heads. Engine only has 1500km on it. I'm constantly seeing knock from idle to redline regardless of load or timing. only way to get a zero knock reading at idle and any rpm is to turn off cyl 1 sensing while leaving 2, 3 and 4 active. what can cause this to occur? will upload a pcl file later today edit: attached most recent .pcl i have access to currently. all knock settings should still be the same iirc current 2-4.pclr
  3. To resurrect this post, what is the best sensor to use with the g4 knockblock on subaru's, as i seem to have lost the originals. Thanks
  4. Its a v1/2 wrx g4+ plugin. Only AI other than the above currently is IAT.
  5. Hi. Im trying to free up auxiliary I/O's on g4+ plugin to enable use of dbw. Is there a module? available that can read the sensors i have currently oil pressure and temp, fuel press, ethanol sensor, pre and post I/C water temps, and feed out to the ecu via CAN without too much complexity? Thanks
  6. There is a help file in plex software that has the necessary settings for pclink.
  7. I'm limited to using my phone for the next couple days so attached is the best i could find. it is VDO part number 360-081-029-041C . all assistance appreciated
  8. Hi all, I have a vdo 5 bar fixed ground sensor that i know is accurate pressure/resistance and am trying to wire into g4+ plugin to verify a suspect sensor. what is the best way to wire in and configure a sensor with only the one wire connection?
  9. After removing and reinstalling pclink a second time, the problem has rectified itself. I have set up IAT and Oil temp sensors and had them both working correctly on inputs AN temp 2 and 3. No changes to setup have been made, but both sensors have now started always displaying their error value. anyone ever had this happen or have a clue as to why? other than updating pclink software, only thing I've played with since it was all working correctly is CAN settings to get my dash working.
  10. wasted talent

    CAN dash setup

    Solved. Trying to set up a plex uSDM100 via CAN to g4+ ecu. The uSDM has Link settings pre loaded but cannot figure out what the ecu end should be set to. Anybody got one working that may have overcome this problem simply?
  11. I have a g4+ v1/2 wrx plugin in a bc5 legacy RS. My question is what output/input needs to be turned on for the water to air intercooler pump to run? Also can it control the hi and low speed of the pump? Many thanks
  12. wasted talent

    KnockBlock g4

    Hi all, I have a knockblock g4 I'm installing that I no longer have the manuals for, does anyone have them in pdf? Thanks
  13. Similar to krohelm, I'm on my 4th sensor. Sensor life is woeful at best, as a result I've resorted to using a different controller that accepts ntk sensors fed to the ecu via analog input. If the controller could accomodate other sensors, i would revert back, as when it works it works well for the application.
  14. resurecting an old thread but is there any plan to add an ntk sensor option to the can lambda controller?
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