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  1. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    This bug is still present in the new firmware unfortunatelly. Wonder why Link engineers didn't take care of it?
  2. a6_quattro

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Is the reported issue with CL Idle control for e-throttle fixed? Regards Hans
  3. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Adam Whats the status on this?
  4. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Hi Adam Yes, it happens regulary and it looks like it's a random value, sometimes it's negative and sometimes it's a positive value. I've noticed that the ISC Offset (%) holds a value that changes over time despite that idle control is in open loop in the log file. Just a thought, could it be this that introduces a value to Trim? Is this some kind of "learnt value" thats taken from last time it was in closed loop? Maby thats correct, couldn't find anything in help file and its extremely difficult to guess when I don't know anything about the strategi around this. Just trying to help role out the obvious. Hans
  5. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Adam Now when I got your attention, I can record a log with other settings on PID and idle control. Don't hesitate to ask as I'm driving the car every day with exactly the same problem. As I mention for you by mail, my idle is almost like OEM so that's NOT the problem. Throttle control is good following target so that can't be a problem with that settings in my eyes either. The problem is coming from open and going to closed loop THEN there is a value added randomly. Sometimes it's a small negative and when coming from open loop at next stop there is suddenly a positive value added. Tried with all possible settings on idle control with 2D table and 3D, zeroed out all kind of load compensations an so on. When such things happens randomly, usually there is something strange going on in the code or the strategi being coded up. To sum up: 1. Not all possible PID settings being tried out but the one being tried provides a good throttle control following target as it should 2. To investigate why this happens I tried different settings and also zeroed out all possible settings, I think, that could interfer with the idle control 3. Idle control on both closed and open loop is good 4. When going from open to closed loop the E throttle ISC CL Trim randomly adds a arbitrary value Focus around the E throttle ISC CL Trim and what's happens there and not the PID settings is my advice as an novice mapper. Regards Hans
  6. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    I'm tired of "work arounds" that never work because the toolbox is to small for DBW. And for the issue that I described above you can't possible do a work around. I'm fully aware of the different compromises that the different aftermarket ecu:s has, had VEMS before this ecu. So one of the reasons I bought Link Fury was the spec it had. If it claims to have some particilary support it should have it, simple as that. If Link have had knowledge of this flaw for a long time then it's really time to fix it.
  7. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Should you interpret the silence from Link as "buy another ecu"?
  8. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    It would be very nice if the Link team could investigate this issue and fix the bug in the next sprint. In my opinion, if you have support in the software that claims to handle closed loop idle control, then you have to make it work. Its extremly frustrating to have this behaviour on a street car and driving in town for example. When going from open to closed loop the rpm suddenly rises because of the E throttle ISC CL Trim add value of no reason. So far I'm very satified with the product except for cl idle control with e throttle. Have tried many different PID settings for the throttle so that is rouled out of the equation. The respons and behaviour of the throttle is good.
  9. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Hi all Could this be caused by the integral term not being zeroed out when going from open loop to closed loop? In my case for example, I have added values for AC and Power steering, the integral is quite large when going from open to closed loop causing the throttle percent go from 3.7 to 5.0. This is just a thought...
  10. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Ok, but would that help in my case? Wouldn't it add the same value when going from Hold - Speed to Hold - Timer regardless of the speed lock out value?
  11. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Hi Ok, here's the base map. Link base map.pclr
  12. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Hi Could someone help me understand why 1.4% is added to target by E throttle ISC CL Trim at file time 1.42.184? It's when idle status goes from Hold - Speed to Hold - Timer it adds the 1.4%. Regards Hans Log 2018-04-30 1;58;32 pm.llg
  13. a6_quattro

    VAG E-Throttle PID Settings

    Hi Did you figure out what the problem was? Regards Hans
  14. a6_quattro

    [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    Whats the problem with the DBW idle control? I've just installed e-throttle and I definitely not want to install an external idle control valve... Regards Hans
  15. a6_quattro

    Missfire on idle

    Thanks TimmyD for your comments and input! 1. Yes you are absolutely right about that. 2. I guess the engine must have what it wants. I'm not ready with the tune yet so maby this number will change. 3. I also noticed that the engine speed was slightly on the low side but it wasn't any load on the engine such as cooling fan or power steering. And if so I guess that the lambda value should "change" over a longer time and not like a glitch. Maby the NGK spark plugs isn't optimal for this engine with petrol, wild guess... The search for the perfect idle continues