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  1. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Hi all Could this be caused by the integral term not being zeroed out when going from open loop to closed loop? In my case for example, I have added values for AC and Power steering, the integral is quite large when going from open to closed loop causing the throttle percent go from 3.7 to 5.0. This is just a thought...
  2. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Ok, but would that help in my case? Wouldn't it add the same value when going from Hold - Speed to Hold - Timer regardless of the speed lock out value?
  3. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Hi Ok, here's the base map. Link base map.pclr
  4. a6_quattro

    E throttle cl idle control

    Hi Could someone help me understand why 1.4% is added to target by E throttle ISC CL Trim at file time 1.42.184? It's when idle status goes from Hold - Speed to Hold - Timer it adds the 1.4%. Regards Hans Log 2018-04-30 1;58;32 pm.llg
  5. a6_quattro

    VAG E-Throttle PID Settings

    Hi Did you figure out what the problem was? Regards Hans
  6. a6_quattro

    [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    Whats the problem with the DBW idle control? I've just installed e-throttle and I definitely not want to install an external idle control valve... Regards Hans
  7. a6_quattro

    Missfire on idle

    Thanks TimmyD for your comments and input! 1. Yes you are absolutely right about that. 2. I guess the engine must have what it wants. I'm not ready with the tune yet so maby this number will change. 3. I also noticed that the engine speed was slightly on the low side but it wasn't any load on the engine such as cooling fan or power steering. And if so I guess that the lambda value should "change" over a longer time and not like a glitch. Maby the NGK spark plugs isn't optimal for this engine with petrol, wild guess... The search for the perfect idle continues
  8. a6_quattro

    Missfire on idle

    Yes I know, that attempt was in another tune file.
  9. a6_quattro

    Missfire on idle

    Many thanks. I've tried to set the lambda target to 0.96 at idle but without any success. Maby I'm to fussy and simply have to ignore these events.
  10. a6_quattro

    Missfire on idle

    Thanks for fast respons. Actually I'm blipping the throttle randomly. But between these you could see the throttle and pedal untouched and still lambda readings above 1 just like a missfire. See at file time 8.40.525 where lambda pops up to 1.02. Can't claim that the tuning of the throttle is finished, but at least at that point the engine seems to just missfire for no reason. For info I'm having NKG bcpr7es spark plugs with 0.5 mm between the electrodes. Running E85 in the summer but now it runs on petrol 98 RON (not shore on the RON but here in Sweden this is the highest octan petrol)
  11. a6_quattro

    Missfire on idle

    Tune file attached. To Link Forum.pclr
  12. a6_quattro

    Missfire on idle

    Hi Wonder if anybody could have a look at my log and guide me in the right direction what is causing the small missfires that you could see when lambda running lean. This a under a very short time but you certainly feel them and I been trying to understand why they occur. The car is a Audi S6 with 5 cylinder 20 valve. The original engine block has been replaced by a diesel block from the 2,5 TDI. Many things in the engine are new, pistons, bearing and so on. Original cams and intake manifold. The head has been renovated and slightly ported by a professional engine tuner. Now its running with e-throttle. Regards Hans Log 2017-12-25 3;28;33 pm.llg
  13. a6_quattro

    Boost vs TP

    Many thanks Brad for your answer. I realised that after a while. Regards Hans
  14. a6_quattro

    Boost vs TP

    Hi Is it possible to set up a table with percent boost target vs TP(Main) in my Fury. For example, I don't want 100% boost target when TP is at 50% and so on. Regards Hans
  15. a6_quattro

    Accelerator pedal

    Hi I've converted my Audi S6 from wire throttle body to an ETC. I've used a Volvo throttle body and a accelerator pedal from an Citroen C5 (Bosch 0280 752 241). Now I having some issues with the voltage output from the pedal from both main and sub. The voltage goes from about 0,2 V to 0,4 V from closed to fully open throttle. As I've now understand, but not absolutely sure, the pedal could be equiped with a hall sensor instead of as a traditional potentiometer. Is it possible to get it to work if the pedal is equiped with hall sensor with my Link Fury? Regards Hans